Wonder Balm

This wonder balm is a true hero. Calming Chamomile meets regenerating Arctic Oat and healing Calendula, creating a powerful organic blend for any family’s skin emergencies. This skin loving, nourishing balm was inspired by a desire to fight dry skin conditions like eczema but also for ultimate head to toe smooth and soft skin.


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100% Waterless

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Using the organic bamboo spatula provided, apply liberally to affected area as often as needed. For specific treatment of skin conditions apply twice a day for at least 2 weeks.

Wonder balm can calm bites and nettle stings as well as nappy rash. Can also be used as a remedy for minor sun burns, cuts, scars and bruises. Use weekly for skin in need of extra moisture as face or eye treatment but also as hand/lip/cuticle balm.


Everyone! This is a wonder balm to keep for all skin emergencies or simply for luxuriously nourished skin! Suitable for all skin types as well as being both gender and age neutral.


Naturally scented universal blend with no added fragrance or essential oil, only the purest raw ingredients. Our decision was simple, perfumes and essential oils are classified as being skin irritants which can cause allergic reactions, they therefore have no place in our skincare collection.


Organic Shea Butter*, Organic Sunflower Oil*, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil*, Natural Berry Wax, Organic Calendula*, Organic Chickweed*, Organic Arctic Oak Extract*, Organic Chamomile Extract*.
*Certified Organically Grown Ingredient

At Vemel we go the extra mile when sourcing our accessories. Our 100% natural and eco-friendly bamboo spatulas come from sustainable FSC certified forests.

20 reviews for Wonder Balm

  1. Anita

    Love it. It goes a long way, literally you only need such a small amount, the improvement on my skin was visible in just one night. I can’t wait to see the final results. Thank you Agi for taking so much time in discussing my skin troubles.

  2. Holly

    The quality of this product is outstanding. I bought it for my son’s eczema but soon it became one of my favourite balms. After few days of sunny weather my skin looked reddish and irritated, I think the sun cream makes it worse. I can’t use aloe vera gels as it stings my skin, so I decided to give wonder balm a try and I couldn’t believe it, the next day my skin was calmed, like it never happened.
    The balm is scent free, so not much of an aroma experience but being so effective I can’t really complain.

  3. Jade

    I really needed to share this. I’m new to Vemel and Wonder Balm was among my first few products I tried. I was looking for a multitasking balm for our family beech holiday. As we arrived at our destination, our suitcases were lost at the airport and before they were reunited with us at the hotel I was left with one product – wonder balm which was packed with my kids belongings. I’ve used it for 3 days as a face cream, body cream, I used it on my toddler and older children instead of after sun lotion and I was so surprised just how one simple balm can work so well! My skin hasn’t been so soft in years and the balm lasts for ages. Amazing brand, well done! X

  4. Kate

    My number one calming balm for our family. This cream never lets me down, skin rashes, bites, sun burns, dry feet and hands, you name it, it always works. Lasts for ages as well. x

  5. Eve

    Magical cream. I’ve only been using it for 5 days but found it already so effective for my incredibly sore and dry hands. I’m very happy with the balm so far and I only hope it continues to improve my eczema.

  6. Carole

    Love this balm. I have dry skin patches all over my body that flare up during cold and hot weather. I contacted Agi and she couldn’t be more helpful in explaining how to care for my skin to get better results. Wonder balm calmed my skin so quickly and as Agi recommended I use it with daily butter on my face, honestly my skin is almost smooth now in just over a month.

  7. Monica

    Amazing multi tasking balm. I bought it specifically to treat my eczema flare-up – such an improvement after 10 days of using it, my dry patch on my cheek is almost gone. It quickly became our family’s favourite balm though. My children have extremely dry patches on their hands due to constant sanitising and washing at school, this balm really calms their skin down.

  8. Dorothy

    Recommended by a friend who’s baby suffered with milk allergy and eczema. I honestly can’t believe how quickly this balm soothes my baby’s skin rashes. Great product to have on hand with young family!

  9. Ana

    Eczema saviour for our family. My daughter suffers from eczema which always gets worse during winter months! Wonder Balm always calms her flare ups in just a few days. Great cream for dry hands and lips too!

  10. Dawn L

    All the Vemel products I have are amazing but this is beyond amazing! I’ve seen a significant improvement in my skin in the short time I’ve been using these products. Lifelong fan here.

  11. Lyn

    This balm is amazing! I got it for my granddaughter as she has bad eczema and the ones from the doctor didn’t help. Total game changer, thank you.

  12. Rebecca

    We used the Wonder balm on my newborn’s eczema and nappy rash and it’s worked absolutely amazingly where other creams have failed! Amazing product you have here!!

  13. Tobi

    Recently we’ve battled a number of newborn skin issues. Severe baby acne, eczema, nappy rash and sores. Wonder Balm is amazing and cleared Grace’s skin up incrdibly quickly. I can’t shout enough about how great this natural balm is!

  14. Lynsey

    Everyone knows my skin battles and although I am extreme I know there are so many people with dry skin /eczema / psoriasis and so on. If we are wanting to avoid the topical steroid what can we use? I have spent hundreds possibly thousands on products in the past only to find they either sting immediately or work for a few days and stop. I got in touch with Agi who knows about skin let me tell you. She has given me so much advice and the products are absolutely amazing. I use the wonder balm and you can use this for anything, all dry skin. It’s nourishing and totally organic, it goes in like silk and my skin loves it. Nothing in it to irritate and it feels like luxury skin care.

  15. Chloe

    Eczema skin saviour! Thank you Vemel. xx

  16. Beth

    I’ve always struggled with sensitive and very dry skin and also with eczema from time to time. I was layering on three different types of moisturiser, but even that hardly helped with the dryness. I then tried the Wonder Balm and I couldn’t believe how easily it was absorbed by my skin and how little I needed to get the moisture that my skin was craving. It’s very effective, but very gentle on sensitive skin. I’ve also used it on my little one and it really does work wonders!

  17. Ola

    Just recently bought our second tub of Wonder Balm as it has really worked wonders on Micah’s eczema. Only downside if there was one, I wish I had taken a photo before so you could see how quickly it has cleared up his eczema. Thank you Vemel for such a wonderful product and love that it is all natural.

  18. Sharon Bonfield

    This pot really is magic and an absolute must have in your home. I have used it on everything – chicken pox spots & scars, dried lips, sunburn, post surgery scars, child & adult eczema & any general irritated areas of skin. It does the trick every time! There isn’t another product that can come close to this Wonder Balm.

  19. petallover2

    Truly Amazing Lady Agi, I thank her so much for her quickness for getting back to me having asked what she could suggest & her help & advise with regards to my terrible sunburn on my chest. It was very painful, dry, cracking, sore etc & I had been advised to use aloe vera after sun on it -which was making it worse and when I told Agi she explained that this is because of the perfume in it etc. She suggested the wonder balm which is pure and natural without any perfumes etc in it and explained the reasons why it would help and why its got none of the things that are not good for skin in them. I finally found somthing pure! I looked forward to getting it and when it arrived I applied some of the wonder balm and instantly got relief and after a couple of times of using it cleared up without leaving any scars and leaving my skin looking new, glowing and soft. The best its looked for a long time. Perfect name as it truly is as it’s name says, A Wonder Balm. Thank you Agi Really – For giving me your time and advice and getting it to me fast. Looking forward to trying more things. I have recommended to all my friends and family. Brilliant Brand By A Brilliant Wonderful Lady. What more could you ask for!

  20. Lauren

    The wonder balm has been an absolute blessing for my 10 month old with eczema. Soothes his itchiness and dryness unlike anything else we have tried!

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