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Made in Britain

Protect, Hydrate And Nurture

Our products are brimming with Vitamins, Antioxidants and Omega fatty acids
which all help to nourish our skin giving it a long lasting Truly Natural radiance.

Daily Moisturising Face Butter from Waterless Organic Skincare Collection

Daily Moisturising Face Butter

Gold Winner ‘Best Vegan Skincare Product’ 2020 Global Green Beauty Awards! 

Your everyday moisturising treat, bursting with organic mango butter this fast absorbing face butter rich in vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids to provide long-lasting nourishment.

Vemel advanced protective serum

Advanced Protective Serum


Protect your skin against photoaging and blue light damage with our revolutionary dual action serum. Boost your skin radiance and strengthen your skin barrier to lock in hydration and stimulate collagen production.

Wonder Balm from Waterless Natural Skincare

Intense Age Repair Eye & Lip Cream


Preserve your youth by boosting collagen, elastin and lipid production to soften the appearance of fine lines. Our ultimate age repair cream helps prevent moisture loss to reveal firmer more toned skin.

Our Promise

We believe luxury results driven skincare should be powered by nature!

Inspired by our desire for powerful results for all skin types including even the most sensitive skin, our WATERLESS products are formulated with 100% active ingredients (organic/natural/wildcrafted), free from preservatives, toxic or synthetic ingredients as well as free from common skin irritants like perfume, essential oils and alcohols.

Vemel Vitamin Boost Cleansing Balm


I have very sensitive and easily irritated skin. I have perioral dermatitis and have struggled to find anything that doesn’t flare it up. I emailed Agi who was super helpful and recommended a couple of products to me. I ordered both and my skin couldn’t be happier. I’ve had no flare ups and my skin is smooth and well cared for. Can’t recommend these products enough.


I use this moisturiser every day and I just love it. It instantly transforms your skin to feeling alive, hydrated and protected. I have dry skin and have always struggled to find a moisturiser than lasts, but this one keeps my skin nice all day. Even when I don’t have time to apply makeup, I feel confident with my moisturiser on.


I love this daily moisturiser. It leaves my skin hydrated, plumped and lasts all day! It is a great make-up primer too. I have sensitive skin with hormonal break outs and I’m 40 Yrs old. This has calmed my skin and I’ve had no break outs…even in the very warm weather! Truly a beautiful moisturiser and you only need a small amount.


“I love all things beauty and skincare but also have very sensitive skin so the bar is set very high for any products. I tried a range of products from Vemel and I have to say that the vitamin rich face butter was a firm favourite. Whilst you have to let your skin adapt over the first few days (it’s coping with all that added goodness you don’t normally get!) you’ll notice the difference in how your skin feels and you’ll be left wanting more!”



The Ins and Outs of Acne (and how to treat it naturally!)

The Ins and Outs of Acne (and how to treat it naturally!)

As one of the most common skin concerns, with around 80% of people between the ages of 11 and 30 having experienced acne breakouts at some point, its safe to say we aren’t alone in our acne experience. Although its often minimised as being a teenage problem that...

How to Avoid Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes: What To Know and What To Do

How to Avoid Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes: What To Know and What To Do

As much as we don’t want them to, our eyes can reveal a lot about the state our minds and bodies are in. Which is why when we wake up to see dark circles or puffy under eyes, we can be left wondering how exactly we got to this point. The truth is, the explanations are...

The Truth About Our Pores (and how not to damage them!)

The Truth About Our Pores (and how not to damage them!)

Despite playing a super important role in the overall health of our skin, pores have received quite the bad reputation over time. We’re often sold products by being made to believe they will make our pores disappear, or at the very least shrink them considerably. The...

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“This is absolutely amazing. I have tried many eye creams and none of them really worked . This cream has helped my eye area feel more soft and smooth ,I also use on my forehead which is terrible for being dry and lips . A must try🥰” 
Laura Marie - online review
Have you had your free consultation with us yet? Did you know that switching out your products for waterless, organic, sustainably driven alternatives can provide powerful results to help improve the skin barrier and therefore the overall appearance of every skin type?
Which cleanser is right for me? 
It truly depends on your preference, both Cleansing Balm and Cleansing Oil will remove stubborn makeup, spf and daily grime - no need for make up remover.

No.1 Cleansing Oil is more convenient to use if you like your routine quick. There’s no need for make up removers or face cloth. In contact with water the oil turns into milk so it’s as simple as washing it off with warm water.

Cleansing Balm would be more suitable if you like to take time during your skincare routine. Massage gently to melt away daily grime, make up/spf, wipe away using warm and damp cloth provided.
Why we love using organic co2 extracts? Supercritical co2 extraction is an efficient and environmentally clean way of extracting the purest and longest lasting extracts from plants without leaving any solvents behind. This means that the extracts have the highest concentrations of all the good stuff (vitamins, fatty acids and omega rich nutrients) which deliver faster and stronger effects on our skin.

Organic raspberry extract was a must for our best selling cleanser. Packed with vitamin C, this rich antioxidant booster protects and brightens our skin while improving skin elasticity for a long lasting firmer, radiant complexion.
As one of the most common skin concerns, with around 80% of people between the ages of 11 and 30 having experienced acne breakouts. However, many people find themselves experiencing breakouts well into their 40’s and 50’s.  This skin condition in which the hair follicles beneath our skin become clogged with sebum (our skins natural oil) dead skin cells and bacteria, causes inflammation on the skin, usually felt as swelling, soreness, and heat – and finally, when the follicle wall is broken down, the mix of sebum, bacteria and skin cells spreads onto the skin close by, in turn creating spots or lesions.

So, whilst we know acne itself is very common, the causes/types of acne can vary from person to person…. Read more about lifestyle changes to treat and prevent acne in our recent blog 👉 link in bio.
Did you know the skin around the eye area is around 5 times thinner than the rest of your face? This, paired with the fact that there are fewer elastin fibers and collagen increases the likelihood of experiencing wrinkling and sagging. The Vemel Intense Age Repair Eye & Lip Cream combines Murumuru Butter, Kiwi Seed Oil and Vitamin E Oil to boost collagen, elastin and lipid production, to help soften the appearance of wrinkles and give an overall more youthful look.
When it comes to irritated, sore skin - the last thing we want is to be applying harsh ingredients that are going to leave our skin even more aggravated. Instead, choosing ingredients like Calendula Oil, full of antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties can help soothe and heal skin, without the unwanted stinging sensations. Blended with a mix of other pure potent healing ingredients brings us our Wonder Balm; our little skincare saviour to soothe and calm any dry skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis but also sun irritated skin. Pregnancy safe, and suitable for even the most sensitive skin.
Whilst we all know our skin experiences seasonal changes and even from one day to the next – did you know our skin is facing changes as the day goes on? From waking up from a nights rest (where most epidermal water loss takes place!) to a brisk morning walk, or evening applying make-up – there are constant changes. And what our skin needs is skincare that can keep up. Take our Advanced Protective Serum, filled with skin loving ingredients like Plum Kernel Oil to simultaneously protect the skin from sun and pollution damage, boost hydration and encourage cell turnover all from a single serum – it’s the perfect solution to prep and protect the skin from all of lifes challenges.
Your cleanser can offer a lot more than just cleaning your skin. Which is why we opted to include softening and brightening ingredients like Organic Sea Buckthorn Extract in our Vitamin Boost Cleansing Balm. High in vitamins and fatty acids, it suits the name perfectly, and is armed with all the goodness to soothe, hydrate and improve elasticity of the skin, all the while cleansing away impurities.
Did you know that your skin can drink a cosmetic cocktail of around 2kg a year, and without your gut’s defence mechanism toxin overload can lead to hormonal imbalance and long term health issues. 

 When it comes to skincare, ingredients truly matter. Our goals of creating healthy yet luxury skincare have meant everything to us since the very beginning, so you don’t have to compromise when it comes to your choices; healthy or results driven, effective or natural, because we believe you can have it all!
As we welcome the warmer weather after sun care should be incorporated into your daily routine. When your skin is exposed to UV rays on a daily basis, it's important that we replenish lost nutrients & moisture to help our skin regenerate and repair each evening.

A lighter moisturiser can be just the right amount to keep the skin nourished and healthy. But a lighter moisturiser doesn’t mean it has any less to give – take the Vemel Daily Moisturising Face Butter for example, light in consistency, rich in goodness! With incredible skin loving ingredients like Mango Butter, Jojoba Oil and Argan Oil, this everyday moisturiser is the perfect solution to provide the skin with long lasting nourishment, giving an instantly healthy appearance to the skin.

 Yet for those of us that find our skin still craves that extra moisture and instant vitamin boost, with collagen boosting Sea Buckthorn and antioxidant rich Carrot extract - Vitamin Rich Face Butter is the perfect addition to your evening routine to keep our skin going strong come rain or shine!
Did you know the Vegan symbol on a product does not mean it is also cruelty free? That means whilst your skincare products might be free from animal products and by-products, they could still be tested on animals. At Vemel, each and every product is certified Vegan, never tested on our furry friends, and brimming with organic ingredients – because why should you settle for any less?
What is an oil-to-milk cleansing? 

The act of oil cleansing simply refers to cleansing your skin using an oil or a combined blend of oils, to deep clean your skin, without stripping away the skins natural moisture and oil.

When we strip our skin of it’s very necessary natural oils, our sebaceous glands attempt to combat this sudden onset of dehydration and surface level dryness by over producing oil. So rather than damaging our skin barrier with overly drying and stripping ingredients, a nourishing and calming oil to milk cleanser to help get rid of dirt, grime and sweat, whilst also soothing the skin can in the long run help to balance out the excessive sebum production, and prevent acne and clogged pores from occurring in the first place. 

No. 1 Cleansing oil transforms into milk upon contact with water, leaving your skin fresh, soft and hydrated. Free from irritants like added fragrance or essential oils means that our multi-vitamin and antioxidant rich cleanser works wonderfully for even those with dry flaky skin, to those with sensitive acne prone skin.  No rubbing, no stinging, no face cloth.
At Vemel we believe every ingredient in your skincare should be purposeful, in order to create a blend which truly does the most. Take for instance our Advanced Protective Serum - whilst it may contain some well known heroes like Blueberry and Cherry Seed Oil, it also contains hidden gems like Brown Algae Extract. Made up of amino acids to firm and renew tissue, and fatty acids to fight inflammation - this ingredient is it’s own little powerhouse, and the perfect addition for a serum with results.
Did you know that antioxidant rich algae can absorb large amounts of UVA/UVB including blue light? Containing high levels of carotenoids which absorb light energy, algae extracts help to protect your skin from pollution and reverse the visible signs of ageing. Micro & Macro Algae Complex is our hero ingredient in Advanced Protective Serum & Intense Age Repair Eye and Lip Cream.
There’s a whole lot of goodness in our 30g  Eye & Lip Cream! 

One pure and potent product is more than enough to care for these highly sensitive areas. We believe that by making our products last longer 😉 we care for you and together we care for our planet 🌿
When we think of natural skincare ingredients there are a few that immediately come to mind – but rather than focussing on the currently trending ingredients, we prefer to get stuck into the science behind extracts that will truly transform our skin. That’s why including Raspberry Extract was a must for our Active Radiance Serum. Not only is Raspberry Extract amazing for promoting hydration to the skin and protecting cells from excess water loss, but the high content of fatty acids also helps fight off wrinkles and keep our skin youthful and glowing.
‘I really needed to share this. I’m new to Vemel and Wonder Balm was among my first few products I tried. I was looking for a multitasking balm for our family beech holiday. As we arrived at our destination, our suitcases were lost at the airport and before they were reunited with us at the hotel I was left with one product – wonder balm which was packed with my kids belongings. I’ve used it for 3 days as a face cream, body cream, I used it on my toddler and older children instead of after sun lotion and I was so surprised just how one simple balm can work so well! My skin hasn’t been so soft in years and the balm lasts for ages. Amazing brand, well done! X’ 
Jade - online review
Peter @peter_houston has been using our No.1 Cleansing Oil, Active Radiance Serum & Intense Age Repair Eye Cream in his routine 👉 “I’ve been using the Vemel products for 4 weeks. I have to say the age repair eye and lip cream is my absolute fave. The texture glides beautifully on the skin under the eye without any pull, with the help of the applicator too. 
My skin feels refreshed and moisturised and I’ve really noticed the difference of a brighter eye area in the mornings after applying before bed. 
As a performer I often have two shows a day so using the No.1 Cleansing oil after the first performance to get rid of any makeup and dirt and then applying some of the silky Active Radiance Serum and the eye cream before the second show just makes me feel so fresh and ready for the stage. 
Gorgeous products.”
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