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Protect, Hydrate And Nurture

Our products are brimming with Vitamins, Antioxidants and Omega fatty acids
which all help to nourish our skin giving it a long lasting Truly Natural radiance.

Daily Moisturising Face Butter from Waterless Organic Skincare Collection

Daily Moisturising Face Butter

Gold Winner ‘Best Vegan Skincare Product’ 2020 Global Green Beauty Awards! 

Your everyday moisturising treat, bursting with organic mango butter this fast absorbing face butter rich in vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids to provide long-lasting nourishment.

Vemel advanced protective serum

Advanced Protective Serum


Protect your skin against photoaging and blue light damage with our revolutionary dual action serum. Boost your skin radiance and strengthen your skin barrier to lock in hydration and stimulate collagen production.

Wonder Balm from Waterless Natural Skincare

Intense Age Repair Eye & Lip Cream


Preserve your youth by boosting collagen, elastin and lipid production to soften the appearance of fine lines. Our ultimate age repair cream helps prevent moisture loss to reveal firmer more toned skin.

Our Promise

We believe luxury results driven skincare should be powered by nature!

Inspired by our desire for powerful results for all skin types including even the most sensitive skin, our WATERLESS products are formulated with 100% active ingredients (organic/natural/wildcrafted), free from preservatives, toxic or synthetic ingredients as well as free from common skin irritants like perfume, essential oils and alcohols.

Vemel Vitamin Boost Cleansing Balm


I have very sensitive and easily irritated skin. I have perioral dermatitis and have struggled to find anything that doesn’t flare it up. I emailed Agi who was super helpful and recommended a couple of products to me. I ordered both and my skin couldn’t be happier. I’ve had no flare ups and my skin is smooth and well cared for. Can’t recommend these products enough.


I use this moisturiser every day and I just love it. It instantly transforms your skin to feeling alive, hydrated and protected. I have dry skin and have always struggled to find a moisturiser than lasts, but this one keeps my skin nice all day. Even when I don’t have time to apply makeup, I feel confident with my moisturiser on.


I love this daily moisturiser. It leaves my skin hydrated, plumped and lasts all day! It is a great make-up primer too. I have sensitive skin with hormonal break outs and I’m 40 Yrs old. This has calmed my skin and I’ve had no break outs…even in the very warm weather! Truly a beautiful moisturiser and you only need a small amount.


“I love all things beauty and skincare but also have very sensitive skin so the bar is set very high for any products. I tried a range of products from Vemel and I have to say that the vitamin rich face butter was a firm favourite. Whilst you have to let your skin adapt over the first few days (it’s coping with all that added goodness you don’t normally get!) you’ll notice the difference in how your skin feels and you’ll be left wanting more!”



The Truth About Essential Oils

The Truth About Essential Oils

When it comes to essential oils, one thing in particular comes to mind – fragrance. And its fair to say, whether its in skincare, aromatherapy, massage, or perfumes – essential oils and their prominence across industries is growing at a rapid rate. It’s also no...

Your Skincare Travel Essentials (and tips to get that holiday glow!)

Your Skincare Travel Essentials (and tips to get that holiday glow!)

Whether it’s a staycation, a beach holiday abroad, or roaming through the safari – changing climates and plane journeys can really take their toll on the skin. So, to make sure you can focus all your energy on soaking up the sun and absorbing the adventure, we’ve...

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“Plumper skin after just 2 weeks. I love that all vemel products are free from perfumes, yet this serum has such a lovely delicate scent.” 
Christina - online review
When it comes to essential oils, one thing in particular comes to mind – fragrance. It’s no coincidence that as the natural skincare market continues to surge and we’re all becoming more conscious of what we’re actually applying to our skin, essential oils have been at the forefront, hailed as the answer to finding a natural alternative to synthetic fragrance. But, as we increasingly see the inclusion of many different essential oils in skincare, it begs the question – what impact might they be having on our bodies and Earth and is there perhaps a more favourable alternative? Did you know essential oils have been found to be one of the leading causes of allergic contact dermatitis? Read more in our recent blog 👉link in bio.
Give  your skin that extra boost this summer. Preserve your youth by including a serum high in antioxidants to fight off free radical damage and prevent photoaging. With skincare gems from Blueberry and Cherry Seed Oils to Micro & Macro Algae Complex to not only lock in hydration, but also boost the skins collagen production. This serum also works wonderfully to fight against another external factor which can lead to increased aging - pollution.
Pollution exposure can cause the skin to release free radicals, and when pollution and sun exposure occur simultaneously oxidative stress can be accelerated. Simply apply your serum day and night on damp skin, and with some consistency you'll reap the rewards in a youthful glow.
"I’m in love with this cream. My skin is so soft and nourished, noticeable improvement in my lines. I wear contact lenses and am weary of putting heavy creams around my eyes so I’m very pleased to find this cream that works for my sensitive skin." Ellen - online review
Why oil to milk cleansing is so effective? Since oil bonds with oil, when you massage oil cleanser onto the skin, impurities together with daily grime, make-up and even SPF effortlessly integrate with each other.  Rinse away with warm water, leaving you with a fresh skin. No rubbing, no stinging, no face cloth. It's our kind of Win- Win!
Whilst we all have our own individual skin concerns, one thing that remains important for us all is the health of our skin barrier. So whether we’re dealing with excess oil or dry patches – the condition of our skin barrier can transform the way our skin looks. Which is why our Active Radiance Serum, brimming with Grape Seed and Green Tea Oils, Pomegranate and Rosehip Extracts – is the perfect step in your summer routine to help keep your skin barrier in its very best form, leaving you with a healthy youthful glow.
It's competition time!!✨We’re giving you the chance to win your skincare summer essentials (suitable for all skin types!). Kickstart your glowing skin with our No.1 Cleansing Oil, followed by nutrient dense Active Radiance Serum & finish off with our ultra nourishing Daily Face Butter. 
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Summer time can be challenging for eczema sufferers so here’s some tips on how to care for eczema during summer months;
- knowing and avoiding your triggers can help to avoid eczema flare-ups
- various factors like dry air and hot temperatures can contribute to flare ups of dry skin conditions like eczema
- your dry skin can also easily be aggravated by chemicals used in sun creams and swimming pools
- choosing natural skincare & household products free from common skin irritants like alcohols, perfumes, essential oils
- avoiding hot showers and bathing in hot bath & body products,  instead opt for organic  oat colloidal & Epsom salt bath (moderately warm water)

Always finish your day with occlusive moisturiser like our wonder balm - blended with a mix of organic, pure & potent healing ingredients to soothe and calm any dry skin conditions. 

Our tip - Wonder Balm can be applied before swimming to create a barrier that will limit the effect of pool chemicals on your skin.
Although having dark circles and puffy eyes might not be completely reversible, including an eye cream in your skincare routine can help to reduce and soften the appearance. Our multi-award winning Eye & Lip Cream, a pure, potent product filled with skin loving ingredients from calming Aloe Vera Oil, rejuvenating Kiwi Seed Oil to soothing Murumuru Butter – this incredibly crafted blend of organic ingredients can work wonders to help firm and tone the skin, and therefore soften and soothe the under-eye area from puffiness and lines.
Although we might be applying products to our skin day after day, our skin isn’t always able to absorb and utilise these ingredients. 

Which is why Advanced Protective Serum includes this potent antioxidant- Blueberry Seed Oil - which not only soothes, moisturises and regenerates skin, the high levels of phytosterols and Vitamin E helps deliver the serum into our skin, increasing absorption levels. So you can get the most out of your products.
Waterless Beauty and what it does for our microbiome.

Your skin microbiome is a complex ecosystem of bacteria that lives on the surface of the skin. It acts as a defence barrier to guard against pathogens that could negatively affect both the condition of the skin and overall health. When balanced, the skin is happy and healthy – and we can definitely see it in the mirror. But, when there are more harmful bacteria than there are good bacteria, things become unbalanced…..read more about why The Wrong Products Can Make Things A Whole Lot Worse in our recent blog 👉 link in bio.
Agi x
So you love that fluffy texture of your moisturiser? Would you love it as much knowing that it’s consistency is made of up to 80% water content? 
Waterless formulations are more of a butter/balm consistency. This is because they are not bulked up by water (not exactly the most beneficial ingredient for your skin). Our face butters consist of 100% blends of butters, oils, extracts and powders. Yes, it takes a little longer to absorb into the skin due to the higher level of active ingredients that gently penetrate the upper layers of skin, delivering all the goodness through the second layer of skin. Waterless products are also more potent and will last you longer 🥰
We're often bombarded with information about the importance of SPF in our daily routine, but after sun care, whether we are away on our travels, or simply at home living out our usual routine - is crucial for the overall health of our skin. Which is why our Daily Moisturising Face Butter is the perfect final step every evening to rehydrate and replenish the skin of its lost nutrients and moisture, whilst also fighting off free radical damage so your skin can rest and repair throughout the night.
Did you know that when it comes to citrus oils, like Lemon Oil or Bergamot Oil, there are reasons we might want to avoid applying them to the skin, particularly in the summer months? This is because citrus oils contain components which are potentially photosensitising, meaning some compounds in citrus oils can undergo changes when they are exposed to UV light. The impact of this is damage to the skin in the form of itching, burning, redness and even blistering and hyperpigmentation.

With our commitment to no synthetic or essential oil fragrance, we opted to include only the purest raw ingredients to not only enjoy the natural aromas but also a targeted treatment like in our Intense Age Repair Eye and Lip Cream, to smooth the appearance of fine lines whilst enjoying the sweet, delicate scent of coconut and amaranth as you carry out your daily routine.
Whilst we all have our own individual skin concerns, one thing that remains important for us all is the health of our skin barrier. So whether we’re dealing with excess oil or dry patches – the condition of our skin barrier can transform the way our skin looks. Which is why our Active Radiance Serum, brimming with Grape Seed and Green Tea Oils, Pomegranate and Rosehip Extracts – is the perfect step in our routine to help keep our skin barrier in its very best form, leaving us with a healthy youthful glow.
“This is absolutely amazing. I have tried many eye creams and none of them really worked . This cream has helped my eye area feel more soft and smooth ,I also use on my forehead which is terrible for being dry and lips . A must try🥰” 
Laura Marie - online review
Have you had your free consultation with us yet? Did you know that switching out your products for waterless, organic, sustainably driven alternatives can provide powerful results to help improve the skin barrier and therefore the overall appearance of every skin type?
Which cleanser is right for me? 
It truly depends on your preference, both Cleansing Balm and Cleansing Oil will remove stubborn makeup, spf and daily grime - no need for make up remover.

No.1 Cleansing Oil is more convenient to use if you like your routine quick. There’s no need for make up removers or face cloth. In contact with water the oil turns into milk so it’s as simple as washing it off with warm water.

Cleansing Balm would be more suitable if you like to take time during your skincare routine. Massage gently to melt away daily grime, make up/spf, wipe away using warm and damp cloth provided.
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