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High performing luxury skincare with the lowest environmental impact

Daily Moisturising Face Butter from Waterless Organic Skincare Collection

Marigold Nectar Body & Hair Oil

‘Best Body & Hair Oil’, ‘Best Multi-Tasking Waterless Beauty Product’, ‘Best Body Oil’, ‘Best Waterless Beauty Product’, ‘Best Multi-Tasking Eco Product’, ‘Best New Natural Hair & Body Product’



Vemel advanced protective serum

Advanced Protective Serum

‘Editor’s Choice’ Eco Lifestyle Beauty Shortlist Awards 2023, ‘Editor’s Choice’ Mama & Baby Beauty Shortlist Awards 2023


Wonder Balm from Waterless Natural Skincare

Intense Age Repair Eye & Lip Cream

‘Best Vegan Eye Product’ Global Green Beauty Awards, ‘Best Lip Treatment’ Beauty Shortlist Awards


Our Promise

At Vemel we put the wellbeing of you and our planet at the forefront of each and every product. Not only do we ensure your products will be full of potent, purposeful and transformative yet up-cycled ingredients – we take this same passion into packaging your products too.

Inspired by our desire for powerful results for all skin types including even the most sensitive skin, our WATERLESS products are formulated with active ingredients (organic/natural/wildcrafted), free from all common skin irritants like perfume, essential oils and alcohols.

Vemel Vitamin Boost Cleansing Balm


I have very sensitive and easily irritated skin. I have perioral dermatitis and have struggled to find anything that doesn’t flare it up. I emailed Agi who was super helpful and recommended a couple of products to me. I ordered both and my skin couldn’t be happier. I’ve had no flare ups and my skin is smooth and well cared for. Can’t recommend these products enough.


I use this moisturiser every day and I just love it. It instantly transforms your skin to feeling alive, hydrated and protected. I have dry skin and have always struggled to find a moisturiser than lasts, but this one keeps my skin nice all day. Even when I don’t have time to apply makeup, I feel confident with my moisturiser on.


I love this daily moisturiser. It leaves my skin hydrated, plumped and lasts all day! It is a great make-up primer too. I have sensitive skin with hormonal break outs and I’m 40 Yrs old. This has calmed my skin and I’ve had no break outs…even in the very warm weather! Truly a beautiful moisturiser and you only need a small amount.


“I love all things beauty and skincare but also have very sensitive skin so the bar is set very high for any products. I tried a range of products from Vemel and I have to say that the vitamin rich face butter was a firm favourite. Whilst you have to let your skin adapt over the first few days (it’s coping with all that added goodness you don’t normally get!) you’ll notice the difference in how your skin feels and you’ll be left wanting more!”



Getting to Grips with Rosacea: Symptoms, Triggers and What to Do

Getting to Grips with Rosacea: Symptoms, Triggers and What to Do

According to the NHS, around 1 in 10 of us suffer with Rosacea. So it's fair to say we aren't alone in what can feel like a never ending battle to fight the blush and calm the redness. But, despite what we often hear about it, and what the name suggests, there is more...

How Sugar Impacts The Skin: The Sweet and The Sour Truths

How Sugar Impacts The Skin: The Sweet and The Sour Truths

Ah, the sweet aftermath of Easter weekend. While indulging in chocolate bunnies and marshmallow chicks may have brought joy to our taste buds, let’s peel back the wrapper to understand how sugar impacts our skin, and why enjoying ourselves is super important but...

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The main focus of our skincare consultation at the moment is healing the skin barrier. Many of you are reaching out with stressful skin reactions, redness, itchiness, and flaky skin. Remember, your skin is a living organ with an amazing capacity to heal itself! Given the right tools (including pure skincare), it can always bounce back to its best form!

Often, disruptions in the balance of the microbiome of the skin can result in skin disorders. Prolonged exposure to skin irritants like synthetic perfumes, essential oils, sulfates, and parabens can weaken and compromise your skin barrier. Even if your skin doesn’t react immediately, over time, these irritants can cause your barrier to break down, leading to itchiness, flakiness, and redness. The good news? With the right care, your skin can recover and thrive! Focus on removing all irritants from your routine and instead feed your skin with pure, organic facial care that supports your skin’s natural healing processes. Let’s improve your skin confidence and give it the love it deserves. Book your free consultation today. Agi x
Our best-selling Body & Hair Oil, Marigold Nectar, has flown off the shelves and is completely sold out! Since its launch 17 months ago, it has won an incredible 8 awards, and it’s easy to see why 🫶
But don’t worry—you can still pre-order your favourite body oil. Marigold Nectar will be back in stock and ready to come your way on June 5th!

Marigold Nectar was 18 months in the making, inspired by our founder’s daughter. Agi’s aim was to create a product healthy enough to share with younger children or those with the utmost health concerns and skin sensitivities.
This fast absorbing yet deeply nourishing ceramide skin saviour will moisturise and soothe your skin, relieve dry skin conditions, retain moisture while restoring elasticity for supple skin.
Sensitive Skin:

Affects about 50% of the population.
Genetic condition with consistent reactions to specific triggers (i.e synthetic fragrance, essential oils, synthetic preservatives, lanolin, petroleum derivatives)
Symptoms include redness, itching, or burning.
Managed with fragrance-free and alcohol-free skincare that helps calm and protect the skin barrier over time. These are less likely to irritate your skin and more likely to deliver results.
Sensitised Skin:

Develops over time due to prolonged exposure to external factors like common skin irritants (i.e SLS, acids, retinoids, synthetic fragrance, essential oils, synthetic preservatives,) in skincare products, over-exfoliation, stress, diet, or environmental pollutants.
Not based on genetics; can affect anyone.
Leads to sudden flare-ups of redness, stinging, or inflammation.
Indicates a compromised skin barrier, making skin more reactive to irritants.
Common triggers: Overuse of active ingredients (like retinol and AHAs), synthetic & natural (essential oils) fragrance, pollution, and stress
Understanding the root cause of your skin’s sensitivity is crucial for effective treatment and relief.

Which type are you?
If you need help identifying your skin type, reach out for your free consultation.

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“I’ve finally found the holy grail of skin care for my reactive sensitive skin. Being waterless, fragrance and essential oil free is the key. My face and particularly around my eyes has been sore and flaring and I have tried just about every brand and product out there. Not only are these products lovely to use, the advice and consultation from Agi has been amazing and she is currently supporting me through a whole new routine. My face is less dry, less sore and feeling and looking so much better. These products make me so happy. Thank you Agi!” Online review - rwhitebex – 13/05/2024
Dive into hydration heaven and say hello to brighter eyes!  While oranges often steal the spotlight for their vitamin C content, behold the mighty kiwi, which has in fact more than doubled the amount. Natural vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant known for its role in collagen synthesis. Collagen is a protein that helps maintain skin elasticity and firmness. By promoting collagen production, kiwi seed oil can help improve skin texture, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and enhance overall skin health. Additionally, kiwi seed oil contains essential fatty acids, such as omega-3 and omega-6, which nourish the skin and support its barrier function, further contributing to a youthful and radiant complexion.
The secret to congestion-free skin this spring? Don’t miss out on hydration!
Many of us with oily or acne-prone skin have been led to think that drying out excess oil is the key to banishing breakouts. However, the truth is often quite the opposite: dehydration is often the root cause of oily skin and acne. Addressing this dehydration is crucial for maintaining balance and preventing flare-ups.

Rather than skimping on hydration, it’s essential to embrace lightweight, non-comedogenic products that replenish moisture without clogging pores. Our Active Radiance Serum is the ideal solution. Crafted with organic upcycled raspberry, pomegranate, and rosehip extracts, it delivers lasting hydration while soothing inflammation and promoting a radiant complexion. Plus, its oat active ingredient strengthens the skin’s lipid barrier, defending against fine lines.
🌞 With sunny days upon us, SPF becomes a daily essential. But here’s a reminder: removing SPF at day’s end is just as crucial! Leaving SPF overnight can clog pores, lead to breakouts, and hinder the skin’s natural renewal process. That’s why our No.1 Cleansing Oil is your ultimate double cleanser solution! Gentle yet effective, it removes waterproof makeup and SPF, leaving your skin fresh and ready to breathe. Say hello to a radiant complexion, day and night! ✨ #SPFProtection #DoubleCleansing #HealthySkinRoutine #vemelwaterlessskincare #sensitiveskin #fragrancefreeskincare #organicskincare
Are you feeling comfortable in your skin? Dive into a skincare journey, where innovation meets nature to cater to your skin’s needs at every stage of life. 🌿 Our commitment transcends skincare; it’s about empowering you to understand your skin’s needs and guiding you on this transformative path towards healthy, glowing skin through our personalized consultations.
At Vemel, we understand the importance of transparency when it comes to skincare, especially for those with sensitive skin and allergies. That’s why we’re committed to providing clear, honest ingredient lists so you can navigate with confidence and experience the benefits of natural botanicals without fear of reaction. You can trust that every ingredient serves a purpose and is thoughtfully chosen for its efficacy and skin-loving benefits. Take our Vitamin-Rich Face Butter, a nourishing blend formulated with upcycled pomegranate sterols, green algae lipids, sea buckthorn & carrot extract. Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, this luxurious butter melts into the skin, delivering deep hydration and a radiant glow, all while being gentle and soothing for even the most sensitive skin types. 
#vemelwaterlessskincare #SensitiveSkin #AllergyFriendly #TransparentBeauty #NaturalSkincare #GlowNaturally”
Sunshine on a bottle! ☀️ Step into the radiance of a sunny day with our nourishing Body & Hair Oil! Infused with organic marigold & upcycled pomegranate extracts, it’s the perfect companion for sun-kissed skin and luscious locks. Let its lightweight formula hydrate and illuminate, leaving you feeling refreshed and glowing from head to toe. Say hello to summer-ready skin and hair! 
Now available with a pump!
💕Embrace Your Timeless Beauty 💕Our skincare essentials are here to nourish, rejuvenate, and celebrate the beauty of mature skin. Age is just a number, and we’re here to help you feel confident at every stage of life!
“So beautiful I have no words. From the packaging to the dreamy goodness of the butter. You need a tiny bit to literally feed your face! It absorbs beautifully and leaves skin radiant x” online review
Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory skin condition affecting around 1 in 10 people, characterized by persistent facial redness and other symptoms like visible blood vessels, acne-like bumps, and thickening of the skin.

Causes of Rosacea are still unclear but may involve genetics, environmental triggers and inflammation.

Managing Rosacea involves reducing symptoms, preventing flare-ups, and improving overall skin health.

Measures to manage Rosacea include identifying and avoiding trigger factors such as hot beverages, alcohol, spicy foods, and extreme temperatures. 

Consistent use of mineral sunscreens is recommended to protect against UV damage without causing irritation.
Stress management techniques like yoga, meditation, and deep breathing exercises can help reduce stress-induced symptoms. 

A gentle, fragrance-free skincare routine is important for Rosacea sufferers, with products like Wonder Balm containing soothing ingredients like Chamomile and Calendula to alleviate irritation and inflammation of flrae-ups.

Maintaining a healthy skin barrier is crucial, with serums like Active Radiance Serum delivering antioxidants and promoting healing for breakout-prone skin, and Advanced Protective Serum locking in hydration and promoting collagen production for dryer skin types.
I am forever gratful for the love and support you give us! 
Vemel was born to stand out and our products will always be inspired by a relentless desire for powerful results. I truly believe these can be only be achieved by formulating with the very best potent & purposeful ingredients, mindfully sourced from around the globe. 

Thank you to the best customers ever. Agi x
April marks Earth Day… here’s our reflection on environmental consciousness. 

We all know how the beauty industry has changed over the past years with new large & small brands popping up left, right and centre. Celebrities & influencers are now bigger than ever, but driving change comes from within, from a relentless commitment, not simply through advertising budgets or large social media reach.
In 2019, after years of preparing for the Vemel launch, we successfully launched our brand in December, the very same month the worldwide pandemic started, yet our core values and commitment to you and our planet remain. With cosmetic giants promising to reduce the amount of water & plastic usage, to stop animal testing, with brands misleading marketing claims that lead us to believe their products are vegan, yet still test on animals. Misleading ingredient lists, requiring a google search to de-code names, only to find out as little as 5-15% of the ingredients are actually natural, not to mention bulking ingredients like water. Not only are waterless products more effective for your skin, they last longer, meaning less products are consumed, less packaging is used, less waste is created. 
We don’t compromise on sustainability because our future generations depend on us, and this is at the heart of what we do. Our brand is plastic free and our outer packaging is fully biodegradable. We use biodegradable, vegan water-based inks. We made a conscious decision not to use essential oils in any of our products as it is widely known that they are toxic to aquatic life and can have a long-lasting impact on marine ecosystems. Our products are packed with organic, nutrient-rich upcycled ingredients, to deliver results for even those of us that have the most sensitive skin. Always vegan, always cruelty free, always planet friendly and marine life conscious.
Today we are grateful, for each and every one of you, for your ongoing support for Vemel. Together, we are able reach milestones and care for our planet so that future generation will be able to enjoy it too. Xx
Why serums are your skin’s best friend?
Serums are made up of very small molecules, meaning a serum can penetrate your skin a lot deeper than your moisturiser. This is particularly handy because serums are usually a lightweight but highly concentrated liquid product, designed to target and protect against specific skin issues which require working a few layers deep into our epidermis.
When combined, the layering of a serum followed by a moisturiser gives the skin a boost of hydration as well as antioxidant dense ingredients ready to address an array of skin concerns like our Advanced Protective Serum - organic blueberry & cherry elixir to protect your skin against pollution, photoaging and blue light damaged but also to boost your skin radiance and strengthen your your skin’s barrier, lock in hydration and stimulate collagen production - all in one bottle! 💕
Hands up! Who suffers with dry, dull and dehydrated skin? Take your skincare routine to the next level with our award winning face butter! Sustainably sourced, responsibly formulated with scientifically proven ingredients to deliver ultimate hydration and reveal brighter glowing complexion.
All too often we’re told about the impact sugar has on our body and overall health, but did you know excessive sugar consumption can disrupt the balance of your skin’s microbiome? While indulging in chocolate eggs & bunnies may have brought joy to our taste buds, let’s peel back the wrapper to understand how sugar impacts our skin, and why enjoying ourselves is super important but finding balance is crucial. When we eat foods (or drink drinks) with high sugar content, the body experiences a spike in our blood sugar levels, which then has a ripple effect.  One specific effect is triggering the production of Advanced Glycation End Products (or AGEs). The process of Glycation is a natural chemical reaction which occurs when our insulin cannot cope with the sugar levels in the bloodstream. Unfortunately, the process of glycation impacts our collagen and elastin fibres, the key components for maintaining elasticity and firmness in the skin. Once collagen and elastin link with sugars they begin to break down and become weaker, making signs of ageing more visible, like wrinkles, sagging skin and dull complexion.  High glycemic foods cause our insulin levels to escalate, and this hormonal rollercoaster our bodies experience, as a result, can also stimulate oil production through our sebaceous glands - the outcome being clogged pores and acne breakouts.
Antioxidants play a vital role in minimising the damaging effects sugar can have on the skin by neutralising free radicals and reducing oxidative stress.  Antioxidants respond to the process of Glycation we mentioned earlier by scavenging free radicals and preventing them from causing any more harm to the skin’s structural proteins (collagen and elastin). Antioxidants, both ingested and applied topically can also help to reduce inflammation by supporting the skin’s natural defence mechanisms and contributing to a strong and balanced skin barrier despite the adverse effects of sugar. A serum is perhaps the easiest way to ensure the skin is getting an adequate amount of antioxidants, neutralise free radicals and destabilise molecules that contribute to oxidative stress and premature aging.
Good morning from Vemel’s lab. 
I can’t hide my excitement so here’s a little update on what’s happening at Vemel this week 🙂
We are finalising our packaging designs for our new product launch next month! Get ready for hybrid waterless skincare redefined! With a bigger, more powerful dose of actives, infused with the latest biome-friendly ingredients. Designed to impress – you will not be disappointed! 
 Also, over the next 3 months, Vemel’s collection will welcome 3 new products! 
Any guesses?
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