Our Story

Since battling severe endometriosis, watching my son suffer with severe eczema and my mum battling breast cancer, I became intensely aware that what we put onto our bodies is as important as how we treat the inside. Vemel is more than just skincare, it’s a healthy lifestyle brand inspired by my love towards my children, giving them the healthiest and brightest future embedded with healthy habits.

I will always be striving to create products that are as exceptional and planet friendly as they are healthy and beneficial for your skin.

All our products are manufactured in-house in the heart of Berkshire, England.


Agi Miel founder of Vemel

Honesty & Transparency

The whole ethos of our brand is based around honesty.


We want to help consumers make a conscious choice towards reducing their chemical intake and we are committed to using only the purest, most potent and purposeful ingredients. With you in mind, we designed our labels to be simple, clear and transparent which is why our ingredients are listed in common English names. 

Vemel Wonder Balm Product
Vemel natural, waterless range of skincare cosmetics


All our products are mildly scented only with raw natural ingredients. At Vemel, we strongly believe that perfumes have no place in skin care. “So why don’t we use natural essential oils,” you may ask? Working alongside leading industry assessors we have decided to say “NO” to the use of essential oils in all of our formulations as they are regarded as being skin irritants that can lead to allergic reactions.

Commitment to Our Planet

Our brand is 100% plastic free which includes all aspects of our packaging. We have chosen to use aluminium screw caps for our serums and only offer a pipette for the first order. We ask our customers to re-use the pipette for future purchases. We believe in helping our planet by creating as little waste as possible.

Our Story - Miel Family Photo
Our Story - Vemel brand of natural skincare

The smooth and luxurious feel of every cosmetic box that you hold is because of a clear plastic outer coating known as ‘lamination’. Vemel have said “NO,” to this, as it prevents all boxes from being recycled. We have also made a conscious decision to use no outer packaging on some of our product range where we felt this viable. Our glass jars and bottles come from partly recycled glass and are fully recyclable, along with all our biodegradable packaging. We are however continuously on the look out to further improve the recycled content of all our packaging.

We also made a conscious decision not to use essential oils in any of our products as it is widely known they are toxic to aquatic life and can have long lasting impacts on marine ecosystems.” We are committed to creating a brand that is mindful to our planet!

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