Wonder Balm from Vemel

At Vemel we’ve always believed skincare should be driven by results, improvement and growth – meaning no gimmicks, just good honest skincare.

So, we’re more than pleased to shine a light on our most recent launch, as well as one of our best sellers and cult favourite – The Vemel Intense Age Repair Eye & Lip Cream.

Intense Age Repair helped fill the gap in the market for pure, potent and waterless eye creams. Whilst the waterless skincare market might be a growing one, eye creams in particular remain a rare (but much sought after!) find. After pouring all the love, knowledge, experience and hard work we had into this launch just 8 short months ago, the Vemel Team are thrilled to announce this little pot of goodness has been awarded ‘Best Vegan Eye Product’ at the Global Green Beauty Awards 2021! Competing against over 400 skincare giants and smaller skincare brands means this is a huge win to further illustrate the belief that Vemel has always stood by; crafting products with carefully selected ingredients, designed to transform the condition and therefore the appearance of the skin will bring results. And the incredible feedback as well as the now handful of awards this little gem has received has proven that. Alongside being labelled ‘Best Vegan Eye Product’, in March of 2021 it also won British Shortlist 2021, another huge honour to see this product receive the recognition we feel it deserves.

We believe the success received is rooted in the fact that Vemel as a brand is dedicated to a cause much greater than itself. It is the commitment to not only the transformation of each and every customers skin, but also to finding ways to protect our Earth and our marine wildlife when doing so, to not compromising on sustainability nor quality when sourcing out the best ingredients possible. We believe it truly is possible to have it all – and most importantly, we believe our customers deserve as much. So when it came to the ingredient list for Intense Age Repair, our founder Agi was sure to leave no stone unturned. Take for instance the use of Organic Aloe Vera; the endless benefits, from intense hydration to the delivering of transforming antioxidants meant it was a must have. But whilst other brands might opt to use it in its powder or juice form, meaning it has been stabilised with alcohol – we were sure to go the extra mile to ensure the Aloe used was pure, potent and not lowered in quality. Similarly, we were certain we wanted all the goodness of a coconut, without the heaviness of Coconut Oil itself, so instead we chose to include Organic Coconut Fruit Extract to help create the very best natural, youth preserving eye cream possible. Paired with skincare gems like Organic Kiwi Seed Oil and Organic Argan Wax, it creates the perfect blend to inject some life back into your skin – making it 30 grams of a whole lot of goodness!

Whilst we are grateful to see our products and the Vemel brand recognised as pioneering the fight for good honest skincare without compromise, and hope to see the brand continue to achieve incredible milestones in such a short period of time as it has done so far – our success has always and will always lie in the belief that each and every customer has in us and our ability to deliver what they are truly looking for – quality skincare with a conscience. And for that, we thank you.

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