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As we gear up for the festive season of giving, with a final dash to fill the stockings and tick off every loved one on our gift list, don’t forget to give yourself a little love too. Easing your way into the morning and unwinding for the evening with a simple and relaxing skincare routine can work wonders to calm your mind and soothe your skin. And as we divulge further into the winter months, our skin can definitely go through some changes, but knowing how to tackle them can be daunting.

So why not take some inspiration (and steal a few tips and tricks!) from our founder Agi; with a love of skincare backed with many years in the industry (right down to developing products from idea to final formula!) we’d say she’s got a wealth of knowledge that might be worth picking apart!

Start With Your Skin Type

Before you pick and choose products, it’s important to recognise what your skin type is, and given the current climate, has it undergone any changes?

When describing her skin type Agi said she has “normal skin, which feels dryer over the winter months, which is why I use richer products during the winter” – a change many of us go through when hit with the harsh cold outdoor air, and then the immediately dry warm indoor air that hits us, as a result of our heating systems. So, like Agi, opting for richer products can help restore the skin barrier back to a healthier condition.

The All Important Cleanse

To start her routine, Agi opts for the Vemel No.1 Cleansing Oil, the perfect one step cleanser for morning and night to gently purify the skin, without stripping its essential natural oils. With carefully selected soothing and repairing ingredients like Camellia Seed Oil and Rosehip Fruit Extract, it means your cleansing experience is gentle enough to prevent any rubbing or stinging, and effective enough to prepare a clean base for your following steps. When wearing makeup Agi said she likes to opt for a double cleanse, with the No.1 Cleansing Oil working perfectly as both a first and second cleanse. Needing a mid-week pick me up to destress and detach? Changing things up in your skincare routine and spending a little more time can be just the thing you need. As part of her routine, Agi likes to treat herself twice a week to a slightly more in-depth routine, which involves switching out her No.1 Cleansing Oil for the Vemel Vitamin Boost Cleansing Balm, a creamy blend of vitamin rich oils and extracts to inject a little life into the skin whilst still gently cleansing away the days grime. She then follows this up with the Super Fruit Powered Clay Mask, the perfect balance of rejuvenating and replenishing the skin with purifying Pink Clay, soothing Colloidal Oats and nourishing Mango Powder. So, now that the cleansing steps are done, we move onto what is often known as the ‘treatment stage’.

Silky Serums and Targeted Treatments

The treatment stage mostly refers to the sorts of serums and eye creams you include to tackle certain issues you might be dealing with. As our skin is as unique to us as our fingerprints, finding something that can work well for your specific concerns can seem difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Like we mentioned earlier, with the change to more extreme and harsh weather, we are likely all seeing our skin a little more dry and lack lustre, especially in areas where our skin is thinner, like the eye area. Which is why Agi’s next step is the Vemel Intense Age Repair Eye & Lip Cream. This versatile rich cream, made up of densely nourishing skincare gems like Aloe Vera and Kiwi Seed Oils, not only helps to soften the appearance of fine lines, it can also reduce the loss of moisture, perfect to arm the skin against these cold days. And, as with every Vemel product, Agi always opts for waterless skincare, not only does it mean getting pure, potent products (so a little goes a long way!) but often products diluted with water and alcohols can leave the skin even more dry, reducing the overall efficacy of the product – and that definitely isn’t what we need for our winter skincare routine. 

The next part of the treatment stage is serum, an easy product to switch out according to your needs, even from your morning to evening routine. Following on from her cleanse and eye cream, Agi starts her morning with the Vemel Advanced Protective Serum – designed for those of us with dehydrated, dull skin, this serum works perfectly on the skin throughout the day as it protects against photoaging and blue light damage. The inclusion of rich Plum Kernel Oil, Blueberry and Cherry Seed Oils means the serum can also help lock in the hydration our skin is craving. Alternatively, in the evening Agi switches out her serum for the Active Radiance Serum, a rich in goodness yet light in weight, fast absorbing serum – with its restorative Grape Oil, and barrier repairing Oat Active, it can work wonders overnight to improve the condition of the skin.

Lock in that Moisture

The final product Agi uses in her winter routine is the Vemel Vitamin Rich Face Butter – the clue really is in the name! This ultra-moisturising butter is the perfect product to conclude a winter routine, with a blend of antioxidant rich Carrot Extract paired with nourishing Argan Oil – this moisturiser goes above and beyond to satisfy the skins moisture craving, and reveal a more radiant complexion.

And finally, Agi always finishes her routine with a few minutes of face ‘yogging’ and a short massage. Spending a few moments, morning and evening on face yoga and massage can not only help prevent future wrinkles and fine lines appearing any time soon, there are also benefits that go beyond just the appearance of the skin – from activating the lymphatic system, speeding up circulation and relieving tension, the benefits are definitely not to be overlooked! And as we might find ourselves indoors a little more often with the winter months upon us, spending a little extra time to look after our body and mind is just the care we need to be giving ourselves. 

So, from all of us at the Vemel Team, we hope you’re able to take away some self-care tips and make the most of them this Christmas, but ultimately treat yourself with love, care and to a few extra puddings (we think you’ve earned it!).

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