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Did you know animal collagen is obtained from the skin, bones and connective tissues of animals – most often from cattle, pigs and fish? It’s often claimed that animal collagen is a by-product of the meat industry in an attempt to minimise the impact the animal collagen industry is having on our earth, but the truth is, unlike soy, beef, palm oil and many other major global food commodities – collagen is not covered by EU and UK forthcoming due diligence legislation designed to manage deforestation.

What that means?

Collagen companies have no obligation to track and manage their environmental impact. And as the demand for collagen increases, the sourcing only becomes ever more unethical and devastating for any ounce of integrity an animal has. Fortunately, there is an alternative that eliminates all of these problems. Plant based collagen is not only eradicating the need for consumers to invest in animal collagen, it offers a sustainable and cruelty-free option with such an abundance of nutrients and skin loving goodness that you’ll never look back – nature’s collagen is revolutionising skincare.

The Microalgae Marvel

To start with, what is algae? In a recent research paper from the National Institute of Fisheries Research by Mohammad Tafrout, he explains that ‘algae are photosynthetic organisms responsible for most of the Earth’s oxygen regeneration by converting light energy and a source of carbon (CO2) into organic matter (biomass). Like terrestrial forests, they remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and produce oxygen, which helps regulate the climate’. In fact, various different algaes are actually responsible for producing over half the Earth’s oxygen. Algae can be found in all aquatic environments, and exist in different forms, whether that be phytoplankton or seaweed – each form of algae is bursting with benefits. Algae can be categorised into two different groups, there are macroalgae (which are visible to the naked eye) or microalgae which are tiny single-cell organisms which thrive in both salt and fresh water. Microalgae are high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which explains why it is often referred to as the ‘marine lung of the Earth’.

Our Algea Extract is not only sustainably cultivated but also clinically tested to deliver the best results!

CLINICAL RESULTS in just 15 days;
Firming effect: +8%
Toning effect: +12%
Smoothing effect: +4,1%

Decreased wrinkle depth by 15%
Improved skin radiance and glow by 10%

The Benefits

Dr Fatima El Amari, a researcher at the National Institute of Fisheries Research, predicts that microalgae will continue to be recognised for its many benefits in upcoming years, explaining that “we now know better about its potential and importance. Studies estimate that the global market size of microalgae will increase by between 4 to 6% annually.” And it’s benefits explain why.

  1. All the Essentials

One reason microalgae is definitely an ingredient we want in our skincare routine is that it is packed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids – all of which are the crucial building blocks of collagen. Some microalgae species, particularly those found in marine environments, have been found to produce collagen-like proteins with properties remarkably similar to human collagen. These key nutrients give the skin the necessary tools to not only produce collagen, but also uphold it’s structural integrity. This discovery opens up a whole new area of skincare, tapping into the richness of the ocean to enhance skin elasticity and hydration. Perhaps one of the most effective ways to make use of this ingredient is to opt for a microalgae infused serum. Serums are known for packing a punch when it comes to offering a burst of nutrients and antioxidants – for us, our Advanced Protective Serum does just that. We included Micro & Macro Algae Complex to maximise the goodness we can put back into our skin, as well as a blend of other vegan and natural extracts.

  1. Hydrated and Youthful

In order to maintain healthy collagen, hydration is essential. And fortunately for us, microalgae has natural humectant properties – meaning it not only attracts moisture to the skin, it helps maintain it too. In fact, studies have shown microalgaes hydration properties minimise and diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by supporting collagen synthesis. This is because microalgae extracts contain peptides, which are small chains of amino acids, a crucial component in the process of collagen synthesis. This is why including microalgae extract in our eye cream, Intense Age Repair Eye & Lip Cream, was a must. We wanted to harness this skin loving extract and it’s incredible ability to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as giving a hit of hydration, and it married perfectly with what we wanted our eye cream to achieve; we think the results speak for themselves.

  1. The Environmentally Right Choice

Opting for microalgae as a source of collagen booster is the most environmentally conscious option. Not only do we eliminate the need to harm animals by opting for a natural alternative, microalgae can be sustainably cultivated, requires less water, land and resources than animal-based collagen and offers a wealth of skin benefits with a clear conscience. At Vemel, vegan skincare has always been the base of each and every product, because we believe taking care of our skin health shouldn’t involve any suffering – and with all the endless goodness our planet offers to us each and everyday, morally conscious skincare is at the tips of our fingers.

By incorporating microalgae into our skincare routine, we can provide the skin with the necessary building blocks for collagen production, helping to improve it’s overall health and give us that youthful complexion we’re looking for.

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