Wonder Balm from Vemel

Launching a new brand in any market is a complex operation. You have to identify your target customers, consider their wants and needs, think about what’s important to you as the brand custodians and deliver something that combines aspiration, inspiration and often a lot of perspiration! And, after all that hard work how do you know you’ve got a good product that will sell?

Our journey has gathered pace over the last few months and at every step along the way we have asked ourselves these very questions. Who are our customers – well this is the first of many intriguing facts about our brand – it’s pretty much everyone. Traditional schools of thought on skincare categorise people into groups – generally, Men, Women, Teenagers (generally with acne) and Children/Babies. Firstly, this approach to skincare is not very sustainable – it often means that several products are needed just to serve one member of the household, let alone all. Secondly, it’s very expensive. On average women spend £40 on a favourite moisturiser and similar for men at around £35 so combined this is adding up to some seriously expensive skincare bills!

Because Vemel looks at the world of skincare differently we were able to work with simple, effective and natural ingredients which works for all skin types by adjusting the amount of product required based on the needs of your skin rather than your gender or age.

What do our customers want? Well, this is something we know a lot about! In testing amongst both friends and family and non-related groups we got to know what our potential customers were looking for in their skincare. They resoundingly asked for a change in appearance and feeling to their skin, alongside accessibility and affordability. They also valued the organic and natural nature of products and felt a real consideration needed to be given to sustainability both in the process of making the product but also in the packaging.

We listened hard to all of our customer needs and wants and spend considerable (I really mean considerable!!) time researching and testing ingredients, packaging, cloths and even spatulas to make sure each element of our product worked as hard as it could to deliver!

What’s important to us? It’s a question we get asked a lot. As a husband and wife team we wanted to build something meaningful. We were driven to create the brand when our son developed severe eczema and medical steroid based options were providing little to no relief. Whilst this drove our initial foray into skincare it soon grew into a wider and more defined journey to provide organic, waterless skincare for everyone.

As for aspiration – well we all want to want something after all! However, we didn’t want your aspiration for our products to be just that – we wanted it to be aspirational yet accessible and achievable, so we’ve made the price just that.

And as for inspiration, well there’s been a lot of that along the way. Our thanks extend so far it’s hard to know where to start so for those who have come on our wonderful journey so far, we thank you for your support (you know who you are!), for those that are about to join us, we hope you enjoy Vemel as much as we do!

Vemel Launches Winter 2019

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