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As we welcome in the new year in the midst of a global pandemic, the word detox is being thrown around more than ever. We’re busy making resolutions to detox our diets of the sugary foods that have slowly crept back in over the past 12 months, to detox our minds from the digital haze we’re all too often in, all in the name of shedding ourselves of the toxicity in all areas of life. But as we find ourselves back in lockdown and spending a little more time on our skincare and wellness routines than ever before, it’s easy to overlook the toxins in our skincare products. And boy do we use a lot of these products – a study carried out by the non-profit environment and health advocacy group Environmental Working Group found women use an average of 12 products on their skin each day – totalling up to nearly an astonishing 200 chemicals. So, whilst we might have the best of intentions in thinking we’re treating our skin with the love it deserves, our efforts when unarmed with the research to back our product choices can be more damaging than they are healing. 

The Ugly Side of The Beauty World 

The increasing research on the skincare and beauty world which unearths the use of toxic and dangerous ingredients to preserve shelf life or improve the appearance and texture of products is quite the double-edged sword. There’s no doubt it would be quite a hit for a lot of us to realise the cleanser we’ve been using religiously for months or even years not only contains endocrine disrupting chemicals like phthalates which has been linked to an array of health issues like asthma, obesity and type 2 diabetes – but also means we’re literally washing plastic down the drain, which goes undetected through water filters and heads straight to the ocean. Similarly, whilst we love a good glam (at-home lockdown date night maybe?) we’re learning more and more about the dangers that make up can pose for our skin and overall health – despite make up being designed to sit on our face, the truth is our bodies absorb 60% of what we put onto our skin! And with ingredients like lead popular in a lot of our makeup products, we’re putting ourselves at risk of issues like hypertension, hormonal irregularities and even behavioural problems. Having said that, knowledge is power – and now we know, we can avoid products containing toxic ingredients like the plague! (excuse the pun). So, whilst we look to detox our bodies and minds of toxins, our skin is no exception – in fact it’s more crucial to the health of our skin and body than we know. And now might be a better time than ever to work on reducing our skins exposure to toxins, with our makeup days currently next to none during lockdown and our pamper days a lot more frequent, it’s the perfect opportunity to focus on healing inside and out with the RIGHT products. 

Powerful Products Designed to Transform (and give our skin a break!) 

When it comes to products we apply to our skin, whether that be skincare, shampoo or even our deodorants – demanding transparency from the brands we invest in is more crucial than ever before. In fact, honest, clean and potent skincare is the very heart of what Vemel stands for as a brand. In a time where our health has proven to be the most valuable asset each and every one of us could have – choosing waterless and toxin free products is ever so important. So, whether it be the Vemel Vitamin Boost Cleansing Balm, brimming with plenty of vitamins and none of the nasties, or the Vemel Soothing Deodorant Balm free from aluminium and full of goodness – each product is made with your health at the very forefront. And although our lives may be full of uncertainty from every direction right now, at least we can find some comfort in knowing we’re trying our best to nourish and heal our bodies in any way we can. Ultimately, as we attempt to shed ourselves of toxicity in all areas of life – now more than ever might be the perfect time to put down the makeup and pick up the products designed to truly make you feel and look your absolute best, inside and out.

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