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As much as we don’t want them to, our eyes can reveal a lot about the state our minds and bodies are in. Which is why when we wake up to see dark circles or puffy under eyes, we can be left wondering how exactly we got to this point. The truth is, the explanations are far and wide, and a lot of the time go beyond just getting a little less sleep that night. What matters though, is recognising the root causes (that’s right, plural, because it is usually a few factors combined!) and then moving forward with small but significant adjustments to our lifestyle that can make all the difference.

A Little Bit of Science

Its first important to recognise that dark circles and puffy eyes are different in not only the way they appear on the skin, but also the process in which they are formed. Having said that, it’s not uncommon to experience both simultaneously. So, the skin under our eyes, more technically known as the ‘periorbital skin’, is only about 25% the thickness of the skin on the rest of our bodies. In other words, it’s thin – significantly so. The result of that being that our blood vessels just underneath can be seen more visibly here than anywhere else, which naturally casts a slight darkness in that area. And in the same way that hyperpigmentation can form on other areas of the skin – a process in which skin cells produce melanin, or dark brown pigment, to protect the skin from the suns UV rays – our under eyes can also produce hyperpigmentation.

On the other hand, puffy eyes, or eye bags as many of us know them to be, can be more technically referred to as ‘edema’, and refers to the accumulation of water under the eyes which then gives off a swollen look to the area. And whilst the two conditions might be different, that does not mean the causes behind them are different.

Sometimes It’s All in the DNA

Whilst we can address all the external factors, sometimes it really is as simple as having genes that predetermine you to having these conditions. For some of us, having more pigmentation under the eyes, and fatty tissue or fluid retention that accumulates under the eyes was simply in the cards for us. And as they are seemingly harmless conditions, it shouldn’t be viewed as a bad thing. It’s simply a part of us. But if making a few tweaks can help boost our confidence a little, then we’re all here for it.

We’ve Heard it Before – But Sleep Matters

First and foremost, we’ve probably all been told a million times, sleep matters – but do any of us really know why?

Well, not sleeping enough, or an irregular sleep pattern can slow down blood circulation, which can cause the fluid build up under the eyes which gives the puffy appearance. This paired with the fact that a lack of sleep can cause us to have overall paler skin, therefore making blood capillaries in the eye area appear darker and more prominent. And again, although we’ve all heard it before, putting emphasis on implementing a regular and consistent sleep routine, where you rid your bedroom of all blue light activity and allow yourself restful sleep, the results will show in time.

Sun Protection

We all know how important it is to apply SPF, come rain or shine to give our skin the protection it needs to keep it happy and healthy. So, you can only imagine the importance sun protection holds when it comes to an area of the skin only a quarter of the thickness of the rest of the body. With regular application of SPF you can help to prevent further pigmentation from sun damage in the eye area – and as in any case, prevention can be a lot better and more effective than treatment.

Include An Eye Cream in Your Daily Routine

Although having dark circles and puffy eyes might not be completely reversible, including an eye cream in your skincare routine can help to reduce and soften the appearance. A great example is the multi-award winning Vemel Intense Age Repair Eye & Lip Cream, a pure, potent product filled with skin loving ingredients from calming Aloe Vera Oil, rejuvenating Kiwi Seed Oil to soothing Murumuru Butter – this incredibly crafted blend of ingredients can work wonders to help firm and tone the skin, and therefore soften and soothe the under-eye area from puffiness and lines. At Vemel, we never claim to provide miracle solutions, but rather simple, potent products with a conscience – so we focus on the formula and let you reap the rewards. Which is why, with consistent use the Eye & Lip Cream can work wonders to inject a little life back into your skin.

Youthful From the Inside Out

We hear it time and time again, but keeping hydrated is crucial for most aspects of life, and our skin is no exception. Which is why when we aren’t fuelling our body with an adequate amount of water, our body takes matters into its own hands, and holds onto water in the body – what we know to be water retention So, to avoid that undereye inflation, keep chugging! Having said that, our hydration levels go beyond just the amount of water we are consuming. Our salt intake can dramatically deplete our hydration levels! Overly salty foods can cause the water in our body to be inundated with salt, which then results in our body going into a panic to maintain hydration, and we find ourselves back at water retention status and the puffy eyes resurface.

So, to avoid water retention, moderate your salt intake, always keep a bottle of water on hand and don’t forget to enjoy fresh vegetables and whole food goodness in abundance to help keep the body stable and happy.

Addressing these different aspects of life, from applying sunscreen under the eyes, ensuring you get that much needed shut eye, and including an eye cream that really has you at the forefront of its priorities, you really can have your own little transformation. And as much as it is a physical transformation, lets hope for the confidence to be beaming through too.

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