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Ah, the sweet aftermath of Easter weekend. While indulging in chocolate bunnies and marshmallow chicks may have brought joy to our taste buds, let’s peel back the wrapper to understand how sugar impacts our skin, and why enjoying ourselves is super important but finding balance is crucial.

The Science Behind the Sweets

All too often we’re told about the impact sugar has on our body and overall health, but did you know excessive sugar consumption can disrupt the balance of your skin’s microbiome? So, what’s really happening beneath the surface?

When we eat foods (or drink drinks) with high sugar content, the body experiences a spike in our blood sugar levels, which then has a ripple affect. One specific effect is triggering the production of Advanced Glycation End Products (or AGEs). The process of Glycation is a natural chemical reaction which occurs when our insulin cannot cope with the sugar levels in the bloodstream. Unfortunately, the process of glycation impacts our collagen and elastin fibres, the key components for maintaining elasticity and firmness in the skin. Once collagen and elastin link with sugars they begin to break down and become weaker, making signs of ageing more visible, like wrinkles, sagging skin and s dull complexion. So these AGEs do in fact, age us! (excuse the pun). High glycemic foods (foods that cause a significant blood sugar spike very quickly) cause our insulin levels to escalate, and this hormonal rollercoaster our bodies experience as a result can stimulate oil production through our sebaceous glands – the outcome being clogged pores and acne breakouts.

Of course, as with most things in life it all varies based on each individual – for some of us our skin/sugar sensitivity is very high so we notice positive results by minimising our sugar consumption pretty quickly. For others it may take more time, but just like applying SPF,  we’ll see the visible benefits on our skin as we age, but below the surface your skin is already thanking you!

The Gut-Skin Axis

Excessive sugar consumption can also wreak havoc on our gut by disrupting the balance of the food bacteria in our gut microbiome. This is because too much sugar can promote the growth of not only harmful bacteria but also the overgrowth of yeast in the gut – which results in inflammation, and even intestinal permeability (better known as leaky gut). Researchers have found that a weakened gut microbiome can trigger systemic inflammation within the body, which can show up as various skin issues like irritation, redness, skin sensitivity, scaly and candida-infected skin, as well as eczema, acne and rosacea – all of which enhance the visible dryness and wrinkles. Leaky gut has also been linked to various inflammatory conditions like autoimmune diseases, celiac, diabetes, endometriosis and IBS. If you followed our brand for a while you are aware that our founder Agi suffered with endometriosis and leaky gut symptoms for years. On her journey to recovery, Agi became intensely aware that what we put into our bodies is as important as how we treat the inside. Vemel was born as a toxic-free organic skincare alternative, however probiotics played a huge part in Agi’s recovery. Agi tried and tested many probtiocs over the years, but only one brought about a life-changing improvement to her health – Symprove. In order to combat the impact sugar can have on our gut (and therefore on our skin) probiotics can help us by restoring the balance from within. Probiotics are strains of good bacteria that help to reduce inflammation and maintain a healthy gut microbiome by restoring and strengthening our gut barrier. We can achieve this by incorporating probiotic rich foods, anything from kefir and kombucha to fermented vegetables like sauerkraut – as well as probiotics in supplement form. Introducing these into your diet is a great way to achieve healthy and radiant skin from within. Today Agi is kindly sharing her subscription discount code. If you are looking for a new probiotic to implement into your life, take advantage of 50% off here Symprove (mention-me.com)

What Else Can We Do?

It’s important to recognise, eliminating all sugar and never glancing in it’s direction ever again isn’t necessary to have a happy and healthy complexion. Rather, it’s all about being mindful of not being excessive with it. If you’re someone with a sweet tooth, fear not! You can still have your evening chocolate, but maybe make a swap for a blend of dark and milk to add in a little more goodness. That brings us onto the key component to fighting off the affects of sugar on the skin (and in the body!) – antioxidants! Antioxidants play a vital role in minimising the damaging affects sugar can have on the skin by neutralising free radicals and reducing oxidative stress. Antioxidants respond to the process of Glycation we mentioned earlier by scavenging free radicals and preventing them from causing any more harm to the skins structural proteins (collagen and elastin). Antioxidants, both ingested and applied topically can also help to reduce inflammation by supporting the skins natural defense mechanisms and contributing to a strong and balanced skin barrier despite the adverse effects of sugar. As well as including lots of leafy greens, avocados and sweet potatoes (to name a few!) to boost your antioxidant content, implementing a skincare routine with a focus on supplying and delivering the skin with an abundance of antioxidants can make a noticeable difference to the overall health of the skin and therefore the appearance of your complexion. Our entire range at Vemel is bursting with antioxidants, from our our cleansers right to our moisturisers. But to really get a hit of antioxidants, a quick and simple routine is all you need.

First, opt for a gentle yet effective cleanser that allows your natural oils and hydration to remain intact, all the while delivering the first boost of antioxidants. Our No.1 Cleansing Oil is a vitamin and antioxidant rich cleanser that leaves your skin refreshed, yet still balanced – and with ingredients like Rosehip Fruit Extract and Grape Seed Oil you know your skin is getting a hit of goodness from the very first step. Follow this up with a collagen boosting and skin renewing serum, like our Advanced Protective Serum. This bottle of goodness works wonderfully for those with dull, dry, mature and dehydrated skin as it is brimming with rich oils and extracts that protect against blue light and photoaging to minimise and prevent signs of premature aging. A serum is perhaps the easiest way to ensure the skin is getting an adequate amount of antioxidants, and is the perfect ally to fight against premature aging. They help neutralise free radicals and destabilise molecules that contribute to oxidative stress and premature aging. Finish off the routine with a rich in goodness and rich in moisture, moisturiser. The Vemel Vitamin Rich Face Butter delivers a boost of vitamins from it’s winning ingredient list of Argan Oil, Sea Buckthorn Extract and Apricot Oil (to name a few) whilst also increasing (and retaining!) moisture in the skin to prevent transepidermal water loss occuring. It really is as simple as that!

So, before we swear off the sweet stuff in pursuit of a glowing complexion, the truth is it’s all about balance! Just as an indulgent moment here and there won’t throw off our health goals, a little something sweet won’t single handedly sabotage our skin either. So whether you’re still enjoying a few chocolate bunnies or the remnants of a chocolate egg, do it guilt free by ensuring you’re replenishing your skin with all the goodness too – plenty of water, antioxidant rich foods and skincare that is a dose of goodness to minimise and prevent inflammation.

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