Wonder Balm from Vemel
Skincare and lifestyle changes you can actually achieve.

I’ve often compared changing my skincare routine to dumping an ex boyfriend and finding a new partner. You know that what your doing isn’t right anymore but the routine of it is comfortable and you’ll change it tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow… and of course tomorrow never comes. But imagine if you made that decision and something so much better, healthier and more vibrant were out there just waiting for you to try? It might take a bit of effort but after all it would be life changing and there would be no looking back!

So I took the plunge and dumped the proverbial boyfriend – AKA my skincare routine, that I have hung onto for the past five years and introduced a new love to my life in the shape of new organic waterless skincare range – Vemel.

I have to admit to being fairly clueless about the Waterless trend that is currently emerging but with a bit of light reading I’d summised that it was a great thing. Not only does it tick all of the environmental boxes it also hydrates my skin, where water based products simply can’t and don’t.

Now I had received a pack of; Moisture Rich Face Butter, Wonder Balm, Daily Cleaning Balm and Active Serum which should set me up nicely for a basic skin routine. Now Vemel do warn that with any change in skincare routine your skin needs to adjust so I factor this into my January detox and stay in just in case things turn ugly!


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