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Whether it’s a staycation, a beach holiday abroad, or roaming through the safari – changing climates and plane journeys can really take their toll on the skin. So, to make sure you can focus all your energy on soaking up the sun and absorbing the adventure, we’ve compiled a skincare travel essentials list to lighten the load – literally! Because taking care of your skin on holiday doesn’t have to mean carrying your entire skincare drawer in your suitcase, but rather finding products that suit you and your circumstance.

Your In-Flight Skincare Gem

From hot and humid outdoor heat, to air-conditioned hotel rooms and recycled plane air, your all-important skin barrier is up against a lot during travel right from the get-go. You might have noticed when it comes to travelling by air, your skin feels dry and dehydrated by the time you land – this is down to the lack of humidity. Did you know the skin is most comfortable when humidity levels are between 40% and 70%? Yet when travelling aboard a plane, humidity drops to just 20%! So, in order to combat this, your skin takes moisture from the deeper layers of the skin – which is what leaves us with that dehydrated looking appearance upon arrival (not the look we were hoping to start our getaway with!). To help retain moisture and ensure the skin is armed with plenty of nutrients and antioxidants, apply a little Vemel Daily Moisturising Face Butter before take-off – from Mango Butter to Argan and Jojoba Oil, this gem provides long lasting nourishment and boosts collagen levels – to give you a fresh, healthy looking complexion – even if you aren’t feeling quite as refreshed as your skin suggests. We’re often bombarded with information about the importance of SPF in our daily routine, but after sun care, whether we are away on our travels, or simply at home living out our usual routine – is crucial for the overall health of our skin. Which is why our Daily Moisturising Face Butter is the perfect final step every evening to rehydrate and replenish the skin of its lost nutrients and moisture, whilst also fighting off free radical damage. As always, we recommend applying it whilst the skin is still damp to seal in extra moisture. 

3 Steps Is All It Takes

When it comes to your day-today travel skincare essentials – a simple yet consistent routine can keep your skin calm and protected throughout the many changes it experiences. Of course, it’s natural to worry that having a minimal routine might mean your skin isn’t quite getting enough. Fortunately, the Vemel range, brimming with pure, potent and nutrient dense formulas, targets multiple skin concerns in a single product – making it super easy to implement a routine that ticks all your boxes. 

  1. Start with the Vitamin Boost Cleansing Balm, with all the fatty acids and vitamins your skin needs to not only gently cleanse away any sweat, dirt, SPF and makeup, but also to leave the skin soft, bright and prepper for your next steps.  The balm consistency also means you have one less thing to worry about – no leaky cleansers in sight!
  2. Follow up your cleanser with a multipurpose serum, that not only heals the skin, but also protects it from further damage; in other words, the Vemel Advanced Protective Serum. With powerful Plum Kernel Oil and rejuvenating Cherry Seed Oil, this serum not only boosts hydration, but also helps retain it. The polyphenols in the oil also act as a barrier against harmful UV rays, making it the perfect skincare staple. 
  3. For your morning routine, simply follow up with your SPF and you’re good to go – it really is that simple. For something a little more in-depth in your evening routine, simply switch out the SPF step for the Vemel Daily Moisturising Butter we mentioned earlier, and your skin can rest and repair throughout the night.

And with a routine as versatile as this, it can work for you and your loved ones – saving you valuable luggage space! As our most versatile product, the Daily Moisturising Face Butter works for the whole family, from your little ones perfect after sun product, to your husbands after shave butter – it really is a product of endless purpose. 

For Life’s Little Emergencies

When it comes to travelling, there’s only one thing we can all expect; to expect the unexpected. You never know whether you’ll end up with a beautiful tan, or some very unwanted (likely sore!) red patches. Of course, we’ve probably all heard it countless times, but keeping your sunscreen (aim for an SPF30 to get effective protection) topped up every couple of hours, and maybe more depending on the climate you’re in, is crucial to ensure you can leave your holiday with a gorgeous glow. But sometimes, life happens – and we find ourselves dosing off under the sun and waking up in a panic – which is why we always keep our Vemel Wonder Balm on hand. From being the family’s perfect after sun cream, to soothing your child’s eczema flare up, or treating your baby’s nappy rash – Wonder Balm is the perfect antidote to life’s everyday emergencies. For those of us dealing with sensitive skin, skin rashes can unexpectedly appear, whether its caused by the SPF we are using, by the heat or even the change of water – so we recommend applying Wonder Balm prior to swimming pool exposure to act as a protective balm to avoid flare-ups caused by chlorine – as unfortunately chlorine can strip our skin from it’s protective barrier, leaving you with dehydrated and irritated skin. All this, plus the fact that it can even be used just to keep your skin nourished and healthy day-to-day makes it the perfect travel companion. 

Ultimately, having a few simple yet purposeful products is all you need to allow you to focus on enjoying your holiday – stress free and glowing.

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