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When it comes to skincare products, having the basics down is key – your cleanser, moisturiser, serum and SPF are all you need to take care of your skin. But if you want to transform the health and therefore the appearance of your skin an oil-based serum is possibly the most simple yet effective way to do so. And before you click off thinking an oil would never work for your skin, oils can work for any skin type, finding the one that works best for your specific concerns is what matters. With benefits ranging from antibacterial minimising the spread of acne, to overall skin barrier repairing, or adding an extra boost of hydration and moisture – there really is an oil out there for everyone.

Oil is Dry Skin’s Best Friend

It might seem like common knowledge that a serum blended with rich oils and extracts can work wonders for dry parched skin – but being able to weed out which ones work to put moisture back in and rejuvenate the condition of the skin means we need to know a little more about the specifics. When addressing a dryer skin type, choose oils rich in fatty and oleic acids to not only inject a boost of moisture, but also to help retain that moisture. Oils of this kind work to act as a natural emollient for the skin, therefore improving the overall health of the skin barrier. A perfect example for this, and perhaps a lesser well known one, would be Cherry Seed Oil – rich in antioxidants and high in vitamins A and E, Cherry Seed Oil works wonders to promote collagen production, as well as cell regeneration and rejuvenation. And the stable nature of Cherry Seed Oil means it can be very effective at creating a protective barrier on the skin, perfect for those with dry compromised skin. Another oil which is a haven for those of us with dry, dull skin is Plum Kernel Oil. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, this oil is perfect to add a boost of hydration without any greasiness. And paired with the polyphenols in the oil working to protect the skin from harmful UV rays therefore revealing an overall more healthy and brighter complexion – it is full of benefits for those of us with vulnerable skin barrier.

Including these oils in your skincare routine is simple, you can either opt to apply them individually or simply include an oil-based serum which offers a blend of oils and extracts specifically selected to offer deep hydration and nourishment. The Vemel Advanced Protective Serum is the perfect one step solution. With its rich texture perfectly suited for those with dryer and more mature skin types, this serum provides deep hydration as well as protecting the skin against environment stress and photoaging. To help lock in hydration, simply apply the serum (morning and evening) after cleansing, whilst the skin is still damp, and follow it up with a rich moisturiser. TOP TIP: When applying facial oil in the mornings, always be sure to apply it before your SPF, to ensure your SPF is not altered in its efficacy.

The Truth About Oily Skin and Facial Oils

Most of us will have heard (and likely believed!) at some point in the myth that oils are not for oily skin types. The reality is, nothing could be further from the truth! In many cases, oily skin is merely a symptom of having dehydrated, parched skin. When the skin feels it is lacking hydration it can attempt to compensate for this by over producing sebum, which can then further result in things like acne and clogged pores. By addressing the root of the issue, these symptoms can be prevented altogether. So including an oil in your routine can actually work wonders to regulate the sebum production. Of course, choosing oils that are non-comedogenic is particularly important in this instance, as well as full of vitamins and fatty acids to help restore the damaged skin barrier. A brilliant example of such is Grape Oil, a light weight non comedogenic oil which works particularly well for acne prone skin. It’s been found that acne prone skin can be deficient in linoleic acid, which can cause the sebum in the skin to be thicker, leading to clogged pores. The high linoleic acid content in Grape Oil can help to prevent the pores from being clogged and therefore can help to control breakouts. Another oil that works well for oilier skin types is Jojoba Oil. This oil is particularly beneficial for oily skin as it is a humectant ingredient, which means it helps to attract and retain water to the surface of the skin, and this hydration can help to prevent excessive sebum production, therefore reducing the amount of acne formed. The natural vitamin E content in Jojoba Oil works as an antioxidant for the skin, helping the skin to fight off oxidative stress which can occur because of environmental toxins and pollutants. Alternatively, including an oil-based serum in your routine made up of lightweight yet nourishing and healing ingredients can be a much simpler yet goodness filled route to take. For instance, the Vemel Active Radiance Serum, a fast-absorbing light weight serum contains skincare saviours like Oat Active, Raspberry Extract as well as Grape and Jojoba Oils (to name a few!). This serum deeply penetrates the skin and is able to effectively deliver a burst of vitamins and antioxidants to help restore and repair the skins barrier, as well as treating specific concerns from acne to rosacea. This super versatile product can benefit even those with sensitive or mature skin types without irritation. Simply apply onto damp skin following your cleansing step, and you can either follow up with a moisturiser or use as a stand alone product.

Ultimately, including oils in your routine is a very simple step, with very rewarding results, and to maximise the ‘facial oil step’ in your routine, you can swap out a single oil for an oil-based serum; a blend of nutrient dense and vitamin filled oils and extracts to truly transform the skin, in as little as a single extra product.


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