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Did you know, on average during the Christmas period the amount of wrapping paper thrown away in the UK is around 384,000km – that’s enough to reach from here to the moon! Unfortunately, most of this wrapping paper cannot be recycled due to the lamination and glitter – which isn’t quite the end result we’re all looking for during the season of giving! And, as the Vemel team have always held it close to our hearts to do our bit for the environment, from being 100% plastic free (from product to packaging) right down to opting out of laminated outer-packaging – we’re always looking for ways to ensure our brand is making a conscious choice to care for our planet. So, here are a few tips and product recommendations to make the process of eco-friendly gifting super simple this Christmas.

Ditch the wrapping paper

It might not seem like it can make a significant dent on our environment, but it is believed on average each household uses 4 rolls of wrapping paper each Christmas. Simply opting out of wrapping paper is the greenest way to tackle the issue at hand.

Getting creative with alternatives can be simpler than you think – for the little ones, encouraging them to DIY wrapping paper by simply taking some old paper or envelopes you have lying around, and drawing or stamping on some festive decor is not only a fun festive activity, but a great opportunity to teach them about the importance of caring for our planet. For the adults, go for a minimal, rustic look – a simple brown paper with string and a fresh green branch, pine, leaf or flower from your garden is a chic yet festive way to pack gifts, whilst adding that extra personalised touch too. And for those of you that don’t think you can find the time to do so, there are a lot of great recyclable wrapping paper options out there, completely glitter and lamination free, and some even made from recycled materials! So that’s the packaging sorted, now for a few gift ideas.

Try Paperless Greetings Cards

Although its nice to receive a Christmas card in the post, we all know which of our loved ones are sure to get rid of them in their next declutter – in fact, research has shown more than half of Christmas cards given out over the festive period are thrown out soon after Christmas Day! So, maybe opt for an e-card to send to your loved ones via email, with your well wishes and love attached. You’d be surprised at how many people appreciate the gesture in the same way they do a card in the post, and yet the impact you’ve made on the environment is a token of care for those you love.

The Most Eco-Friendly Gifts, Are Ones We Find Use In

All too often, we might find ourselves purchasing multiple gifts for loved ones that we know are just little novelty items to go alongside the ‘actual gift’ – and whilst there’s nothing wrong with this, tweaking your gift giving to a more sustainable and green approach can do wonders for our world. So, try opting for gifts which can serve a purpose in everyday life, or even just on a regular basis – not only does it mean there are less unused gifts being thrown into landfills, it can also feel super rewarding to know your gift is benefitting your loved one regularly. One suggestion for doing so are products to promote self-care – such as a skincare item. And with our ethos rooted in honesty; from pure, potent and vegan ingredients to sustainably sourced and package products – it’s never been easier to choose skincare that suits your skin as well as your ethics. The Vemel Active Radiance Serum is a perfect gift for all skin types no matter your age. Whether dehydrated, acne/rosacea prone or mature skin, all will benefit from vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids that will lock in moisture, repair your lipid barrier leaving you with a radiant complexion. Since we don’t use any perfume, essential oils or alcohols, even the most sensitive skin will not be irritated.  And with the limited edition Christmas packaging – totally festive and fully recyclable, the heavy lifting of aesthetically pleasing packaging has already been done for you!

Not sure which individual product would best suit the recipient? You could instead opt for a gift set, take for instance Vemel’s Signature Gift Set – consisting of three full sized, versatile products, pre-packaged and ready to gift – and as it’s suitable for any and every skin type, you aren’t left worrying whether or not you’ve made the right choice. Alongside the Active Radiance Serum, this gift set includes our Daily Moisturising Butter – the perfect everyday moisturiser to boost the skin with vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids to provide long lasting nourishment and ultimately, healthier skin. Whether its the perfect last step in your skincare routine, or your soothing post shave solution – this fast-absorbing face butter really can do it all. The final product to complete this set is Wonder Balm; a must have for every bathroom cabinet and every weekend getaway. From soothing and calming dry skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, to tackling minor sunburns (whether on skiing trip or beach holiday, we’ve got you covered), or even baby conditions like nappy rash – Wonder Balm really is the skins little pot of gold. So whether you’re looking to gift to your dad for his day to day skin damage, or for a new mum to be looking for only the best for her little one – the Wonder Balm helps finish off the Signature Gift Set perfectly. Carefully crafted with everyone in mind.

Choose Wisely When Gift Giving  

With it being candle season, a festive smelling candle leaving our home smelling of all things cinnamon and orange and nutmeg, is a likely request. But rather than gifting your loved ones paraffin based candles that will fill their homes with harmful toxins (by releasing volatile organic compounds into the air) instead pick a vegetable-wax based candles, not only petroleum & perfume free but also scented with essential oils; meaning these candles deliver long-lasting fragrance so they can have all the fun, and none of the damage.

Similarly, for your perfume obsessed friend, or hard to please sister, a perfume can be a great idea. Just be sure to be selective with your choices by looking for natural alternatives, as unfortunately a lot of the perfumes on the shelves use synthetic chemicals which are derived from petrochemicals (meaning they are petroleum based!) so can be harmful to human health. So, whether it be a cosy new pair of pyjamas, some festive chocolate, or a few new additions to your self-care routine – gift giving with an eco-conscious mind doesn’t have to be a compromise, but rather a rewarding experience altogether.

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