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The days of winter boots, pumpkin spice and cosy blankets are among us. But unlike the glowy, glazed and tanned skin we radiate in the summer months – the harsh winter weather can leave us looking a little – well, dry. Dull, dry and patchy. The cold weather combined with changes in our eating (a few more lemon loaf slices to accompany our hot chocolate than we care to admit) and our heaters on full in any and every environment we sit in – surprise surprise – can end up zapping the moisture from our once plump and hydrated skin (ah summer). So it’s more important now than ever before to work on keeping our skin barrier healthy – the key of which is to focus on pure potent products that renew, repair and protect your skin barrier. 

The harsh winter air paired with pollution and environmental toxins mean your skin is in need of essential nutrients more than ever to help it bear up against the transitioning climate. Nutrient dense products, undiluted and potent in all their glory, work hard to provide relief for your skin – rather than disturbing its natural balance. In order to achieve this extra nourishment, applying a potent serum to target the health of the skin barrier is crucial, the Vemel Active Radiance Serum provides a wealth of vitamins and antioxidants to fight against weather changes and pollution. Another topical treatment we can use to target and treat our skin woes is applying a weekly face mask to help add that little something extra to deeply clean out impurities whilst nourishing and rejuvenating your skin. 

Of course, our skincare routine isn’t all that we can do to achieve a healthy-looking complexion – a healthy lifestyle and consistent hydration can make the world of difference to the texture and appearance of our skin. A huge part of achieving this healthy lifestyle and in turn achieving the healthy skin we’re hoping for, is by reducing our stress levels (anyone else get stressed when we’re told to just not stress?!). All too often we’re told to simply eliminate stress factors in our life – with often little guidance on ways to do so. 

Well, our skincare secret provides a practical way in which to destress and when combined with the RIGHT skincare routine can work to fight those wrinkles and keep the physical signs of ageing at bay for a little longer – all with combining a little face yoga! Yep, the clue is in the name – it’s literally yoga exercises for your face! 

In the words of our founder Agi, ‘the evening routine is best finished with a short massage or yoga and our waterless formulations are just perfect for the task as they don’t absorb immediately’. 

The idea behind it is including a few daily facial exercises which can help strengthen and thicken our face muscles, adding a little extra plumpness to combat any sunken cheeks that might be surfacing. The plumpness as well as the increased blood circulation that can be achieved from face yoga means our cells are more able to receive the nutrients and oxygen they need – the result is a clearer and more youthful appearing complexion (hands up if you wish you’d discovered this sooner!). Fortunately, it is actually a lot more simple (and relaxing) than you might initially think.

There are plenty of exercises you can add into your skincare routine whilst waiting for your skin to fully absorb the products you’ve applied – helping you achieve that non-surgical face lift look from the comfort of your bathroom (a lot more affordable too!).  A face yoga favourite is the ‘smooth brow’ exercise to, you guessed it – smooth out the lines on your forehead/above your brows. The technique involves placing both hands (facing inwards) on your forehead so your fingers are reaching your brows up to your hairline, simply apply light pressure and sweep your fingers outwards, and repeat over a few times. Much like every other body part does when regularly trained, the face can build muscle mass – helping it to appear firm and toned.  But it isn’t just about firmer skin, face yoga can even lead to a brighter and more even complexion as a result of the cell turnover that’s promoted with the different exercises (it literally does get better and better!).

The benefits of face yoga are enough to make you wish you started years ago. Including even just a few exercises a night is enough to activate your lymphatic system, help speed up circulation and is a toxin free way to achieve that youthful glow. As well as the physical benefits, face yoga can work wonders to help us to relieve the tension we hold in our face by working on relaxing our facial muscles. Meaning it works great for both our bodies and our minds. 

Of course, as with most things in life – consistency is everything, so if you put in the time, your skin will reap the rewards.

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