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The similar symptoms between skin conditions Rosacea and Eczema can often make it difficult to differentiate between the two. However being able to recognise the key differences is crucial to being able to treat each condition accordingly and focus on ingredients and products that will work with the skin and not against it. And thus, in the long term, being able to alleviate symptoms and restore the skin back to its healthiest self.

What is Rosacea and Symptoms to Spot

Rosacea is most common amongst fair skinned adults, average age of between 30 & 50. Despite this, it can occur at any age, including in young children. The symptoms usually appear on the face, but can sometimes show on the neck, chest and even back. The distinctive characteristic of Rosacea, and what most of us know it to be, is severe flushing/reddening of the skin. But it is also much more than that. Over time this flushing of the skin can progress into lots of tiny broken blood vessels which can be quite pronounced and apparent on the skin surface. Rosacea can also cause other, lesser-known symptoms, including dryness and swelling of the eyes, itching, thickening and tenderness of the skin.

Eczema and How It Shows Itself

Perhaps the symptom that causes most confusion between Eczema and Rosacea is that both cause redness to the skin. However, unlike Rosacea, Eczema is more likely to develop in childhood (but can start in adulthood too) – in fact, in the UK, 1 in 5 children are affected by Eczema at some point. Alongside the redness, this condition can cause severe itching that can lead to bleeding, scaley or cracked skin, small fluid filled bumps on the skin and dryness. Another significant difference between the two conditions is that although Eczema can occur on the face, it is mostly found on the knees, elbows, wrists, and neck.

Delve Into Your Diet

When it comes to treating these conditions, it can first help to remove triggers which can lead to flare ups. With Rosacea, eliminating alcohol, caffeine, hot drinks, spicy foods, and cheese can help aid the process to minimise symptoms. Similarly, Eczema can potentially be worsened by dairy, eggs, and gluten-based foods, as well as the soaps and detergents being used. Keeping a food diary to track and recognise any trigger foods that lead to a flare up can be a useful way to highlight any problem areas and begin a process of elimination.

Topical Treatments

When it comes to skin with increased sensitivity and irritation due to these conditions, it’s crucial to avoid harsh, stripping skincare products. Instead, opt for natural, pure, and potent products free from synthetic fragrances and astringent ingredients. A great example for those suffering with Eczema and Rosacea alike is the Vemel Wonder Balm; the product that inspired the foundations of Vemel, as our founder Agi struggled to find an antidote for her sons Eczema. Unfortunately, most sufferers might find they are being prescribed strong steroid creams claiming to reduce symptoms, but instead the outcome is often a more compromised skin barrier, ultimately leading to increased dryness, irritation, and sensitivity. The Wonder Balm, with skin soothing ingredients like calming Chamomile and healing Calendula work effectively and efficiently to alleviate the skin of severe irritation and the symptoms that come with such conditions.

To improve the health of the skin, a compromised skin barrier can be improved by including a serum in your daily routine. For Eczema and Rosacea sufferers which find they are also break out prone, the Vemel Active Radiance Serum is loaded with antioxidants and vitamins which when delivered to the skin can restore and repair the skin barrier. For those with a dryer, more dehydrated skin type, the Vemel Advanced Protective Serum helps lock in hydration whilst stimulating collagen production for an overall more radiant and strong skin surface.

Finally, applying an occlusive layer of hydration on top in the form of a richer moisturiser, like the Vemel Vitamin Rich Face Butter, can not only seal in all the goodness from your earlier skincare steps, but offers an abundance of skin loving ingredients which over time reveals an overall healthier complexion.

Ultimately, a simple skincare routine which focuses on the purity and potency of its products when used consistently and paired with a change in lifestyle factors like diet and reducing stress can work together to transform and reverse the effects of life changing skin conditions like Eczema and Rosacea. Your skin can and should be something to take pride in, whatever stage you are at in your journey.

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