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Despite playing a super important role in the overall health of our skin, pores have received quite the bad reputation over time. We’re often sold products by being made to believe they will make our pores disappear, or at the very least shrink them considerably. The truth is, if our pores are healthy and functioning as they should, our skin will thank us! So, before we jump from ‘pore shrinking’ product to tools we don’t need anywhere near our skin, we should start with knowing a little about the basics.

Pores, What Do They Actually Do?

Each of us have two types of pores, the sweat pore and the oil pore – both have super important yet very different roles. Our sweat pores, which cover our entire body, are tiny openings that allow the body to release sweat to cool the body down when it recognises our temperature has risen, so whilst we might not love the sweaty sticky feeling that comes with the scorching sun, it’s definitely needed. Whereas our oil pores contain a hair follicle and a sebaceous gland, which allows the skins natural oil (sebum) to lubricate the surface of the skin to help protect and keep the skin healthy. Unfortunately, however, far too often we are made to believe we should try to achieve the ‘poreless’ looks we are sold on social media that in truth only exist at the hand of air brushing and photoshopping tools, and yet our efforts can lead to far more damage than good – unless we know how best to care for our pores.

Our Pore Sizes Start with Our Genetics and End with Our Care

Despite being made to believe we have complete control of the size of our pores, the truth is so much of it is determined by our genetics. That means the size of our pores when we are born is a good inkling as to how small or large, they will be as we age. This paired with the size of our hair follicles and amount of oil we naturally produce will all play a part. Having said this, it doesn’t mean we can’t prevent them from being damaged and therefore further increased in size. As we age our pores will usually get larger due to damage over many years, and the fact that the collagen supply in our skin decreases. And given that collagen is known as the ‘building blocks’ of the skin, having an abundant supply can help keep the skin firm and tight, and can hold our pores more firmly in place. That’s why consistent use of products that encourage the production of collagen in our skin can help prevent them from being more visible and prominent in the first place. A simple serum can do wonders for this, take for instance the Vemel Active Radiance Serum – the Pomegranate Extract in this serum means it is high in punicic acid, a skincare staple to enhance collagen production, which in turn can improve the health and therefore appearance of our pores. This means this product can work wonders to not only care for your skin in the now, but the results can be apparent for many more years to come.

What To Do About Clogged Pores

Generally, our pores are able to pretty effectively clean out general day to day grime, oil and dead skin cells. But, sometimes things don’t go so smoothly, and instead we can end up with a pore blockage, where oil or debris end up being trapped in the hair follicle, which can then lead to the formation of acne. This is where having a consistent, effective and not overly harsh cleansing system can make all the difference. One of the most significant ways to take care of your pores is by properly cleansing morning and evening, but your cleanser of choice makes all the difference. Opt for an oil-based cleanser to help break down and clean out the oil build up in the pores, like the Vemel No.1 Cleansing Oil. Effective enough to break down make up, SPF and general day to day dirt and debris, this cleanser gently purifies the skin without the need for excessive rubbing or use of a face cloth, which is just the thing your pores need to remain healthy yet cleansed.

Blackheads Are the Result of a Dirt Build Up in The Pores? Erm No, Not Quite!

This is a myth we’ve likely all believed at some point – and who can blame us? With the mixed messaging we’re fed that one product can single handedly solve all our blackhead diminishing issues, it’s no surprise we haven’t yet received much truthful information on the way our own skin works. The truth about blackheads is simple – they aren’t merely the result of an accumulation of dirt and grime, nor are they a sign about whether we are cleansing well enough. What they are is simply the result of the oils in your pores coming into contact with oxygen, or oxidising, when reaching the surface layer of the skin, which is what creates the dark colour we see to be blackheads.

Before we start panicking and resorting to extreme measures to rid ourselves of every blackhead in sight, the solution to removing them and preventing them is quite simple, in fact, as we mentioned earlier, a simple routine that starts with an oil-based cleanser, followed up by an antioxidant filled serum can be sufficient, but for those of us that crave a little more hydration, top it all off with a light moisturiser. What matters here is that you opt for a non-comedogenic moisturiser, in other words a non-pore clogging moisturiser that gives you a breathable hit of hydration, which doesn’t leave your skin suffocating. The Vemel Daily Moisturising Face Butter is the perfect example. Fast absorbing and collagen boosting, this moisturiser gives your pores all the care it needs. And with skin loving ingredients from Jojoba Oil to Mango Butter, it’s sure to leave the skin soothed and restored.

Ultimately, when it comes to taking care of our pores, it doesn’t have to be a daunting and intimidating process filled with tools and tricks. Following a consistent routine that promotes the health and function of the pores is what will offer the skin long term protection and healthy-looking skin we’re looking for.

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