Super Fruit Powered Clay Mask

Rejuvenate your skin with our multi-tasking super fruit powered treatment that will soften and replenish your skin. Just add liquid or our active serum and our blend of carefully crafted organic powders and minerals will work to gently refine your skin whilst deeply nourishing for a lasting glow.


Organic Ingredients

Organic & Natural


100% Waterless

Plastic Free

Plastic Free

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Vegan Certified

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Cruelty Free

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Made in Britain


In a small bowl, blend together 2 tsp of mask + 3 tsp of water (chamomile tea or rose water would also work a treat!). For best results we recommend blending 2 tsp liquid + 1 tsp of face serum.  Apply generously to face and neck. Leave on for 10 -20 min, or until dry. Rinse well and follow with your favourite moisturiser or serum. Can be used up to three 3 times per week.


Everyone! Our products are suitable for all skin types as well as being both gender and age neutral.


Soft mango scent. All our products are naturally scented universal blends with no added fragrance or essential oil, only the purest raw ingredients. Our decision was simple, perfumes and essential oils are classified as being skin irritants which can cause allergic reactions, they therefore have no place in our skincare collection.


Organic Mango Powder*, Organic Cherry Powder*, Natural French Pink Clay, Organic Amla Berry Powder*, Organic Colloidal Oat*.
*Certified Organically Grown Ingredient

6 reviews for Super Fruit Powered Clay Mask

  1. Dawn

    Just arrived and I couldn’t be more pleased. My skin feels so soft and fresh just after one application, smells amazing too.

  2. Anette

    This mask makes my skin so smooth. I suffered with acne for years, I guess it didn’t help I was using overly drying products. Since my consultation with Agi, after using vemel products my breakouts cleared and rarely come back. I’ve used many masks before, what I like about this one is that it gently exfoliates, leaving my skin super soft.

  3. Bethany

    Best natural mask I’ve tried. It’s like detox, deep cleanse, radiance and hydrating treatment all in one jar 🙂

  4. Farrah

    Adore this face mask! It’s so hard to come by a mask that feels like it’s helping any breakouts without drying my skin out and this is literally the answer! It’s amazing for my sensitive skin and I genuinely look forward to using it – I always add in a few drops of the Active Radiance Serum as recommended by Agi and it leaves my skin so smooth, soft and plump. A staple for any skin type 🙂

  5. Caroline

    Love this mask and it’s natural smell of mango. Love that when you remove it, you get to exfoliate gently as well. Always have it on hand for days when my pores feel clogged and flare ups get worse. Leaves my skin feeling so soft!

  6. Gemma

    Great skincare advice. I wear face mask a lot of the time and began to suffer with acne. Agi recommended the active radiance serum and fruit clay mask and I’m over the moon with the results. My breakouts improved dramatically after just 3 applications, leaving my skin feeling so soft. Thank you!

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