Wonder Balm from Vemel

With 1 in every 5 children affected by Eczema we understood that we were not alone when our son developed this condition.

Eczema – as I soon found out – comes from a Greek word ‘to boil’ and is used to describe red, dry and itchy skin that can sometimes become weeping, blistered, crusted, scaling and thickened. Over the course of two years we encountered pretty much each and every one of these symptoms and with an escalation in steroids, saw little to no relief and certainly no light at the end of tunnel.

We decided as a family that we needed to take steps to understand this debilitating condition more and see if there was a less chemical alternative to relieving the pain and irritation.

Eczema is an Atopic condition, which in itself is very complex. It affects the skins natural barrier and can cause it to become overly reactive and inflammatory. Environmental factors including contact with soap, detergents and other chemicals applied to the skin can grossly impact on the severity of the condition. Linked to other Atopic conditions like hayfever and asthma alongside food allergies, eczema also runs in families.

Whilst there is no cure for Eczema there are lots of things you can do to reduce the stress on the skin. We took a total cleanse approach and rid the house of all chemicals. We followed this with a look at our diets, cutting out both wheat and dairy which have both been linked to the condition.

Whilst these two large lifestyle changes had an impact we were still left with the challenge of finding a product that would ease the symptoms of the condition without adding chemicals back into the skin.

It was a long search and with no products available on the market that could answer this conundrum we decided to develop our own. Now that probably sounds so much easier than it actually was – but without the two years of development, testing, accreditations coupled with sheer hard work and determination – we wouldn’t have found the last part of our jigsaw – Vemel.

Our Wonder Balm has not only calmed the Eczema but has long since reduced it completely. Our son has distant memories now of the pain and the discomfort and whilst we appreciate no skincare will ever be a silver bullet – for us a combination of lifestyle and environmental factors, food and skincare certainly has made a remarkable difference.

Our aim now is to share this with everyone as a real successful alternative to chemically based products and help other families to avoid the pain of Eczema.

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