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In the midst of a global pandemic it’s easy to feel a little (okay, a lot) out of your depth. And something like a few spots here and there might seem insignificant. But the truth is, taking control of your body and your health in any way possible helps us gain a little stability in this pretty unstable time we call 2020. So, along with trying to make sure we and those around us don’t catch the virus, we now have a cluster of angry red headed spots forming on the lower region of our face (the thanks we get!). The science-y side of it is quite simple. Our once oh-so free chins are now kept under wraps (literally!) causing an increase in the buildup of dirt, sweat and debris – meaning clogged pores. Meaning, you guessed it, acne. With us all working hard to keep our masks on when stepping out, the moisture from our breath and the lack of ventilation, well – it’s a disaster waiting to happen. In fact, it’s quite literally a breeding ground for bacteria.

What matters most though, is what we can do about it.

Having a skincare routine is arguably more important now than ever before. But more than this, it’s the products we include in that routine which are going to truly make the difference. The key here is to invest in pure, simple and purposeful products designed to target our problem areas. And ones that live up to that promise too.

So, ditch that 10 step skincare routine filled with heavily diluted formulas, synthetics and all the nasties, and instead pick the potent products that aim to nourish, protect and strengthen your skin barrier. I mean, the skincare world has come a long way from what it once was – remember the days of applying toothpaste to your spots in the hopes of them vanishing away overnight like magic? Am I the only one face palming right now?

Well – we now live in a world where pure, clean, vegan products are made to nourish not strip our skin, (or our planet) are readily available at the touch of a few buttons. Products that don’t cost the earth (literally!).

So, with that in mind here are our top tips for a simple skincare routine that keeps that dreaded ‘Maskne’ at bay!

  1. Always begin your routine with a gentle yet purifying cleanser to rid your skin of the grime of the day – without washing away your natural (and very necessary) oils. Of course, for those of us that are makeup lovers as well as skincare fanatics a double cleanse is a must! But double cleansing shouldn’t mean damaging our skin barrier. That’s why the cleanser we pick must be fit for the job. The Vemel Vitamin Boost Cleansing Balm is a vitamin rich balm brimming with potent organic ingredients like organic Shea Butter and natural Vitamin E oil, which have been specifically chosen to keep your skin soft, radiant and hydrated. So those of us that were long lead to believe drying out and over exfoliating our skin is the way to clear up acne – thank goodness for science teaching us that what we do in fact need is quite the opposite! Rather than overly drying and stripping away at our skin barrier, the ingredients of our products should be armed with the nutrients to nourish it instead. That’s what makes the Vitamin Boost Cleansing Balm the perfect combination to work against the mound of spots fighting for territory on your lower face!
  2. Next is applying a serum armed with ingredients ready to combat all our skincare woes. The Vemel Active Radiance Serum – a vitamin and antioxidant filled solution, has been formulated to renew and repair your skin struggles. So it’s powerful enough to smooth out those creases on our foreheads (wrinkles who?) yet gentle enough to not irritate our skin barrier in the process. The power duo we all need in our lives.
  3. The final skincare step is keeping our skin hydrated and plump by applying a much needed moisturiser. The Vemel Daily Moisturising Face Butter is an award-winning product brimming with the antioxidants and omega fats your skin is crying out for. So after a long day of protecting your health by wearing your mask, you can end the night by protecting (and rewarding!) your skin with the perfect blend of Organic Mango Butter, Organic Argan Oil and Organic Jojoba Oil, to name a few! Specifically designed to boost our collagen levels and give us the healthy glow we so deeply desire, it’s no wonder it’s been named this years ‘Best Vegan Skincare Product’ by the Global Green Beauty Awards. Now those are the kind of standards we want for our skincare products!

So, now we’ve compiled the simple, clean, yet purposeful skincare regime of dreams – there are a few more tips that go hand in hand with your routine in these unprecedented times.

  • It goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway – washing masks daily. It’s simple. Obvious, even. But so many of us will overlook it. Of course, the primary reason is to protect our bodies from the virus. The secondary reason is to protect our skin from a buildup of dirt leading to some very unwanted friends. Keeping a few masks makes it easier to regularly wash and always have a clean one at hand. Simple, yet super effective at reducing your maskne.
  • Perhaps treat your skin to a weekly face mask (the skincare kind) just to inject a little life back into your skin. Vemel’s Super Fruit Powered Clay Mask is the perfect option to rejuvenate and replenish your skin with the exotic combination of mango and cherry, whilst also detoxifying and removing impurities with the added pink French clay. This carefully selected ingredient list means your skin barrier isn’t compromised, so we get the results we want without causing any damage – the ingredient list we didn’t even know we needed. That’s right, we’re using face masks to combat the effects of face masks – ah 2020.

Ultimately, following a simple 3 step skincare routine is nothing new. But what truly matters is finding products that commit to improving your skin without all the gimmicks (Just a hint – we can usually see which ones are on our team by looking at what they stand for!).

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