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Just as we find ourselves transitioning from jumpers and jackets to shorts and dresses, we might find our skin needs something a little more lightweight too. But putting in place a stripped back, more simple routine, doesn’t mean it will be lacking in anything – with the right products your skin will have summer glow written all over it. But as with any season, summer days bring their own obstacles for our skin, which is why finding a few potent products that really pack a punch and knowing how to layer them is just the thing you need to arm your skin against those long summer days.</div dir> What Happens To Our Skin In The Sun?

As much as we love lying on the beach trying to get that golden glow, our skin might not be quite as thrilled at the prospect. Unfortunately, as the weather heats up, you might notice your skin is more dehydrated than normal. This is because of the increased water loss in the body, the result of which is dry, irritated and dull skin. As a result of the dehydration, the skin can also become more oily to compensate for this, which explains why our skin feels heavier in the summer. This oil though is not to be confused with sweat, which we definitely will experience a fair share of in the heat! Its for this reason people often decide adding any form of moisturising skincare product onto the skin will make matters worse – we can assure you, this is definitely not the case! Just because we notice an extra layer of sweat and oil accumulating on the face as the day goes on, it doesn’t mean we can skip having some sort of moisturiser. What it does mean is that we need an effective cleansing agent in our routine – especially as the extra sweat, when combined with the skins oils, as well as daily dirt and bacteria is a recipe for acne breakouts – not quite the summer skin we had in mind.
Does The Order of My Skincare Matter?
To put it simply, yes! In order to truly maximise the benefits of your products, its important to know which ingredients and consistencies to apply before others. This is because more occlusive products can prevent lightweight products from absorbing into the skin as they create a seal over the skin – rendering most products after this ineffective. In a simple summer routine, you don’t need to overload your skin with products, we want just enough to protect and enhance your skin without it feeling suffocated. To begin with, every routine starts off with your cleanser to rid your skin of any bacteria build up, sunscreen or makeup – so starting with your cleanser gives your skin the nice, clean base it needs to absorb the following products. Next would be your serum, often targeting a specific skin concern, your serum will deliver nutrients and antioxidants to help rejuvenate and repair the skin. In the AM simply follow up your serum with your SPF and you’re ready to face the day. In your PM routine, follow up your serum with a moisturiser to seal in all the goodness of your serum, as well as delivering a boost of moisture to unveil a plump and hydrated complexion.
A Simple Summer Skincare Routine
Lightening up your routine means including products that really pack a punch, which is why opting for waterless products, like the entire Vemel range, is the perfect solution – no diluting, no filler ingredients, just pure goodness in every gram.
Start your routine with the Vemel No.1 Cleansing Oil – effective enough to dissolve makeup, sunscreen and daily grime, yet gentle enough to leave the skin feeling refreshed without any rubbing or stinging.
For a more thorough cleansing step, follow up your cleansing oil with the Vemel Super Fruit Powered Clay Mask – with Cherry Powder, Colloidal Oats and French Pink Clay, this mask is the perfect step to remove excess oil, dirt and build up and allows for your following products to truly work their magic. Use up to 3 times a week to soften and replenish the skin. And to really make the most of it, Vemel founder Agi recommends adding a few drops of the Vemel Active Radiance Serum to create a powerhouse of deep cleansing and replenishing.
Follow this up by applying the Vemel Active Radiance Serum, designed to not only lock in moisture and hydration, but also repair and renew the skin with skincare gems from powerful Oat Active, to antioxidant dense Grape Oil.
For your evening moisturiser, the Vemel Daily Moisturising Face Butter is a seamless blend of Mango Butter, Argan and Jojoba Oils to give the skin the long lasting nourishment its craving.
When it comes to summer skin, simplicity really is key – which is why finding products that do the thinking for you is all your skin needs. So you can spend your summer glowing inside and out.
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